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  1. That filter she has over her face is hideous and creepy. The one she has over Raf is ridiculously unnecessary. And Raf has rage and misery in his eyes that you don't often see in a seven-year-old. It's quite scary.

  2. She constantly puts the glasses on Mari upside down to be 'wacky'.

  3. Poor Carmen, and all of the rest of them, really... Hillary constantly posts the toddlers supposedly being 'obsessed' with the belly. All of the boys having to take turns putting their hand on it for a photo, Carmen sitting next to it for photos, supposedly 'talking' to it, supposedly mimicking it with a beach ball. Small kids are not 'obsessed' with their mother or pregnancy. They live their own lives, have age-appropriate interests. But nope... Hillary has to pretend that toddlers and young children are all swarmed around her as 'obsessed' as she is with the narrative of 'pregnancy'. She's so lonely that she has to pretend the kids are her friends and fans. Too bad those kids can't just live their lives. Go to play at friend's homes. Eat meals at friend's houses. Ride bikes.

  4. imagine one of them went to a friend’s house and sat at the dinner table with the friend and their family and they all ate an actual meal together. those kids wouldn’t even know what to do. hopefully the older ones at least know how to use a fork and a spoon

  5. That's such a good point. I don't think a single one of those kids know how to sit down and eat an actual meal at a table. People talking, being polite, engaging, sitting for the duration of the meal. There's no way they'd have the self-restraint or understanding of what to do.

  6. I wonder how Chris and Jerry feel about him recycling this old stuff? I doubt they’d appreciate being associated with the monster Alex is now

  7. Yeah... sucks to have ever been associated, no matter how briefly and/or tangentially, with Alec... because like Hillary he's the type to try and take everyone down with him. Grabbing on to other people's names and celebrity like a life raft.

  8. She only posts images of 'herself' heavily filtered, and sometimes those filters go wonky.

  9. He's such a manipulative, narcissistic bully.

  10. Yeah I’m sure that poor dolphin in captivity in a swimming pool really cares about your pregnant belly, bitch.

  11. No kidding. What a reprehensible and vulgar photo, meme, and idea.

  12. If you're this callous, stupid, and inept at reading emotions... you shouldn't be allowed to have children.

  13. She's delusional about a lot of things... but if she thinks that the person leaving that Hamptons house is Alec, if they ever split up, this is the thing she's most delusional about.

  14. Yeah, like she's leaving the guy who provides her with her entire identity, finances, and lifestyle.

  15. Exactly. He should get off of social media and pay for that woman to re-build her entire house.

  16. Here's a philosophical conundrum/brain twister for Alec...

  17. The idea that the beach ball of a belly would be pointing straight up at the sky is too funny. Especially when she just posted herself doing a headstand with the belly looking entirely different... somehow much flatter. Gravity-defying baby.

  18. Disgusting. This entire video is a stark illustration of how little contact or connection she has with those kids. So awkward, forced, and contrived. But yeah... dragging her nasty hair over the kids food and tray is a little added bonus to the whole horror show.

  19. It must be so exhausting and stress-inducing to live with a pathological liar like this. Where even every trivial statement or story is untrue. Honestly, it gives me stress from a distance... I can't even imagine the visceral discomfort of having it directly in my life. No one drives somewhere just to get gas. You maybe go get yourself a coffee and get gas while you're there (we'll pretend for a moment that they don't have a coffee maker and hired help to make coffee for her at home). Otherwise you get gas en route to wherever you're going to next. You don't leave your kids at home and make a bizarre, unnecessary drive to get gas, and then turn around and go back to your house.

  20. She’s annoying to watch - can’t imagine what it’s like to have her do that shit to you

  21. Alec chooses to stay married to her, which always blows my mind.

  22. Holy smokes... this made me burst out laughing, and my boyfriend is sleeping, so I had to try and do this silent wheeze laughing thing that made me start to cough, and so I had to leave the room and laugh in the kitchen.

  23. They are hideous and each time I say it I'm told the cost was 10k. They are still hideous!

  24. What kind of psycho walks around every day wearing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds?

  25. Someone with no personality desperate for an identity and attention?

  26. Do you guys see the ghost of Hilaria lingering behind him in the pic with Kim?😂

  27. 'Alec and I are treating ourselves to a restaurant meal, as usual, after the kids ate bowls of cold cereal, pretty much the only food they know. But I thought I'd take a selfie of my boob, jewelry, and one of the maladjusted children that I've collected and handed off to nannies to raise, before we leave. Any negative thoughts or opinions about this will be considered bullying and maybe make me commit suicide.'

  28. I feel badly for anyone who is actually pregnant right now and living anywhere in the vicinity Hillary's in... because it is terribly hot and humid these days, and being at the end of a pregnancy would be unbearable, I would guess. Yet Hillary is outside in a full-length dress, 'exercising', while supposedly seven? eight? nine? months pregnant.

  29. Let me go put on my long flowing maxi dress and do an exercise video.

  30. In the oppressive heat and humidity and while she's supposedly at the end of a pregnancy.

  31. Photos 1 and 2 are pretty funny, because she's back down/lying on her back in the first photo (so gravity pulls the bump down/in), and she's standing on her head in the second... so there is no gravity pulling the bump towards her back, so theoretically the bump would appear larger in that picture and be huge (and she's upside down)... yet it's about half the size of the first photo bump. And they're a day apart.

  32. Someone needs to turn this right side up and compare this belly to her a few days ago at the fair, or of her roaming around that construction site (for some reason), around the same time. She wouldn't even be able to fit into either of those babydoll dresses with this belly.

  33. I've never seen such bored, apathetic children as this group.

  34. Exactly. It's the woman in the house who had something tragic 'happen to her'. And I believe Alec has used the same passive language about his killing Halyna. That a tragedy 'happened' to him. On a movie set that he was both a producer of, and the actor who wielded the gun that injured someone and killed another person. Alec thinks he's the biggest victim, somehow.

  35. That DM piece went into Anne Heche's life story--any prudent editor would have merely just covered the details of the crash and the fallout. I didn't need to know that she was molested by her father growing up.

  36. So true. I'm sure many people who commit crimes, end up in the legal system, or exhibit reckless behavior have had traumatic and tragic experiences in their lives... but they sure don't get that backstory outlined to try and excuse their behavior.

  37. Omg did you see the video BEFORE she crashed? It looked like a beautiful day and she sped down a cute neighborhood THANK GOD there were no little kids crossing street or playing or whatever. She was going AT LEAST 100 down this residential street. Sorry fuck u both.

  38. She would've killed anyone who had happened to be on that street... kids playing, someone walking their dogs, a couple of neighbors chatting, etc. It's so lucky no one was out there. And more of a miracle that the woman in the house she crashed into and burned down (and hopefully her pets?) seems to be fine.

  39. Alec hated his mother, and now his kids will despise Hillary when they grow up. He's definitely perpetuating his unresolved, unhealed issues.

  40. NYU! She was supposedly enrolled in the extension school. Whether or not she earned a certificate or degrees is up for debate, but likely not.

  41. I doubt she lasted two semesters at NYU... even if it was the extension school. I wonder if she lied to her parents and said she was still attending classes, so that they would continue to pay her bills.

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