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  1. You should try listening to this artist, makes a ton of dope songs.

  2. Don't know about the voltage / capacity curve of 18650 li ion rn, but it might be discharged. The LED might be brighter with the 3V charger because it most probably won't put out exactly 3V, you should measure it. Also get yourself some protection for the battery, something like a tp4056 for example. If you over discharge the battery it will be broken and if you overcharge it, it might explode!

  3. No the charging only outputs 3v actually 3.04v to be exact but. I don't think i will find a protection that easily because of where i live.

  4. Ok then the battery is probably empty. Still, I recommend you to have such a protection, they can be had for less than a dollar/piece on eBay. These batteries can be dangerous and burn you house down. I'm not saying this will definitely happen, but it's possible. Good luck with your project👍

  5. i'm thinking of buying power supply because salvaging lipo batteries for projects are very dangerous. Thanks for the feedback

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