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AITA for asking my daughter to leave?

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  1. Nico offers nothing substantial to the show.

  2. Which is exactly the point that Levi made when he [Levi] confronted him [Nico]. I was so glad to see Levi stick up for himself and hope this is truly the end of this toxic relationship.

  3. I'm hopeful. They've hired Niko Terho, Jake Borelli's costar from "The Think About Harry" to be a new series regular, which is more than Alex Landi [Nico] ever was. I feel like there's a strong possibility that they made this casting choice for the purpose of having his [Niko's] character be a new love interest for Schmitt, seeing as the two actors had such great chemistry when previously working together.

  4. Burke was the head of cardio and when he lost the use of his hands, he kept quiet and let a surgical resident who was what, in her first or second year of her residency program, do all the operating. He cared more about his career then his patients' well-being. Man of principal my ass.

  5. Your 14 year old kid was having an issue and instead of talking to her or sending her to professional help, you punished her by kicking her out of your home and leaving it up to her to secure a roof over her head. Your actions told her that your love is finite and when it runs out, you couldn't give a shit about her well-being.

  6. You're in a losing battle. I understand why you don't want them there and agree with you. But if your fiancee wants them there and you insist on not inviting them, its just going to divide you and your fiancee. There will be no good outcome.

  7. Right, like the current round of interns are what, 5th years. They should be taking their boards soon but there's been absolutely no talk of what they want to specialize in. They've never shown any of them participating in anything other than general and, in Schmitt's case, ortho.

  8. I don’t really get that whole obsession of giving Mer roommates. She has 3 kids.. time to kick out your sisters and let your kids have those rooms. It’s not like any of them need to save money by living together. They are millionaire surgeons.

  9. I get her motivation but Amelia and Maggie really can’t live on their own?

  10. I think living with people helps Amelia's sobriety because she knows if she's struggling, especially with Scout, there are people around to help her. And she likes helping raise Derek's kids because they remind her of him in the best of ways. If Amelia had her own place, it would be just her and occasionally Scout and occasionally Kai. She's be alone with nothing to do but think and probably would relapse. By living with Meredith and her kids, there's always something that she could be doing and people to talk to.

  11. It depends if this is the last season or not. If it is then they really should've focused on her but if not then its good that they'll focus on other characters.

  12. ESH but your kids. You and your husband need to figure your shit out together and get on the same page rather than enacting your own parenting decisions onto your kids, only for the other parent to just turn around and tell them the opposite.

  13. I agree with you... We aren't being fair to them by being this way. I'm not sure how to confront this/him and sort it out without them around, my sister is in a wheelchair and can't keep them and I can't trust babysitters/daycares. I feel stuck.

  14. OK, thanks. I am thinking that I might have fucked up. lol

  15. This isn't an AITA issue. You and your boyfriend need to sit down and decide if you're officially going to live together or not. If yes, then he needs to officially move in and begin doing his fair share. If not, then he doesn't have to do chores but he shouldn't be there every day for months on end.

  16. YTA. Its extremely wrong of you to get your neighbors into legal trouble when they did nothing wrong and you're putting them in the middle of you and your wife's marital issues.

  17. So you both called dibs but you think you should win because you're older? You said it yourself, you don't plan to live there long. This house is just a place that you're going to stay until you legally get to choose where you want to live. This will be your sister's home for the next 8+ years of her life. Deal with the smaller room for the year and move on.

  18. YTA. Your renting your place out AND making a profit, but you barge in and try to kick the guy out of your bed. I hope your landlord gets wind of this and kicks you out.

  19. I already said this but people refuse to listen, i never kicked him out of the house he left of his own accord. I just wanted to sleep on the bed

  20. Yeah, cause who wouldn't want to stay in a place where they have to sleep on the floor?/s

  21. I can’t be sure here. You stole money from a child, which makes you an asshole… but you did it stop him smoking which doesn’t make you and asshole… but it isn’t your place to govern kids choices…. Hard one OP!

  22. Please, OP didn't do it to help a child, they're just going to turn around and use that money to feed their own addiction.

  23. You have a disability yourself that made it so you didn't hear what she said or even that she said something. She has no idea you have this disability and can only see this as you ignoring what she said about the care of her child.

  24. This sounds like a cultural thing but I will point out that since the pandemic (which we are still in) its common practice for the person closer to the road to step off and to give the person closer to the grass more room away from them so there's less chance of spreading the virus.

  25. What does knowing her for 25+ years have anything to do on whether or not she's been feeling tired lately?

  26. No one knows everything about another person and everyone has things that they might not talk about. Only your friend can say if they're tired. Their lack of volunteering that information doesn't necessarily mean that they're not.

  27. You didn't cheat but it sounds like you were playing mind games with these two guys and for that, YTA.

  28. If you're constantly talking to your sister in a language that your girlfriend can't understand, in front of your girlfriend, that's extremely rude.

  29. Don't be mad at your dad for your mom's horrible parenting. Also, he shouldn't be expected to stay with a verbally abusive partner just so your mom can have less household responsibilities.

  30. Telling someone no is one thing, but saying that she'd "rather throw the bike in the ocean and let it rust than let her ride it" was unnecessarily hurtful. And it says quite a bit about the attitude she has towards her sister.

  31. She's a kid and I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt that she doesn't know how to handle someone not taking no for an answer. OP encouraged this when, instead of explaining to her daughter that she'd just have to accept the no, OP tried to compromise with the step daughter on a time for her daughter to ride her step daughter's bike.

  32. ESH teaching children how to share is hard but it does look like you aren’t raising girls together your raising your own daughters and that the stepchild is treated differently by both both of you

  33. Its great when kids want to share but forcing them to only breeds anger and resentment.

  34. NTA. I'm in the same situation as you, where I put lots of effort into my husband's gifts, but over the last few years, he's put no effort into mine.

  35. I wouldn't consider your situation the same as OP's. With your husband, this is a reoccurring pattern, but when it comes to OP's wife, this is one bad gift after 3 years of great gifts at the important dates and little gifts throughout the years "just because". Also, the thought and consideration he puts into her gifts doesn't matter as much if gifts are his love language but not hers.

  36. Look, if your wife always gets you little gifts throughout the year just because she knows you like it and if you've never had an issue with her and your birthday before, I'd say to just chalk this up to she's human and move on. Also, if she gets you gifts throughout the year then maybe she just ran out of thoughtful things to get you.

  37. I'm gonna say NAH because your frustration is understandable but she's not an AH for choosing to hang out with her friends at their regularly scheduled time over a last minute change of plans to meet your mom.

  38. This trailer made me completely give up on the show. I hate how their British. St. Vladimir's is suppose to be in Montana. They're suppose to be American.

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