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Why Did Black Lives Matter Buy A $6 Million LA Home?

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  1. are there FF any in LA? I know there used to be one in Venice and in Santa Monica but they tore em down a few years ago

  2. Boyle Heights, Eagle Rock, Glendale, and Burbank all have one.

  3. We are about to elect Scientology supporter Karen Bass as mayor too.

  4. Everyone has heard that rumor. They used to hold KKk rallies in Glendale till the 1980’s. So maybe after that?

  5. I used to hear rumors of the Klan in Kagel Canyon off the 210.

  6. Seems like Abdullah is finally getting exposed. Her history of antisemitic and anti-vaxx comments and grifting money to enrich herself are finally catching up to her.

  7. Does anyone know who this guy is and what his backstory is? I lived on Spring Street for about 6 years and saw him all the time and always wondered who the fuck he was. Would also see him in other parts of the city. I figured LA Weekly, LAist, or one of the other online LA blogs would write a story on him.

  8. You sure did miss it! At least one person has been convinced!

  9. Ha! They realized their info was false and corrected. We are slowly showing people the truth!

  10. Maybe it has something to do with the zoo? Maybe it’s second largest city run park with a zoo on its grounds and people just forget the qualifiers?

  11. Gteat zoo. DR pepper museum, whoolly mammoth dig site, the second largest city park i n the country, second only too central park in NY city.

  12. It’s not the second largest urban park in the country. There are many bigger. Also, Central Park in NYC isn’t the biggest. Cameron Park isn’t even top 150. Why do Wacoans always say this? I heard it all the time when I was at Baylor.

  13. Second largest /inner city/ park. Most large parks are disqualified by being out of city limits.

  14. Still no. For example, Griffith Park in Los Angeles is in the city limits, in the middle of the city and is 4200 acres vs 416 acres for Cameron Park.

  15. Tbh I have no idea. She sold her house for a huge profit, is receiving life insurance, and has moved into a really nice apartment. It’s not my problem that they were living outside their means and she was complicit in it. $6k out of all that money is a minor request.

  16. So you have no idea if the money she got will cover her debts but you're happy sending a bill? Is she responsible too or was this his debt?

  17. I’m her closing message on the go fund me, she said some of the funds were allocated to future savings, as well as paying funeral expenses, so I imagine all the money she got was sufficient to pay their debts. And I didn’t send a bill, I let her know how much it was and I wanted to be considered when she was allocating her funds and that it wasn’t urgent.

  18. Man…I thought I was bad enough that Melina Abdullah was an anti-vaxxer. Always thought she was a grifter, just not on this scale.

  19. I have lived in waco my entire life other than college. Early 40s/Caucasian/Male /Atheist

  20. People in Waco need to stop with the largest municipal park BS. There are many bigger than it. It isn’t even the biggest in the state. Central Park isn’t even that big compared to many others.

  21. What’s the backstory on the Viking bike guy? Used to see him on Spring Street all the time when I lived downtown.

  22. Don’t the vaccinated also get infected and spread regardless?

  23. Both Steph Curry and I can also play basketball.

  24. I feel lucky at my small manufacturing/healthcare company up here in Santa Clarita. Lots of red, gun-toting, alpha personalities up here. But, most of us are educated, so I'm pretty sure that was reason enough for people to get their shots last Spring. We don't presently have a mandate.

  25. Santa Clarita, for all the shit it gets for being a red dot in a blue county, has one of the highest vax rates in the county. Much higher than the super hip and woke eastside neighborhoods.

  26. They started doing this last month in NYC, was there for two weeks and everywhere we went you had to show proof of vax along with ID to enter the building. After that no masks required except at places like MoMA. It was glorious. Get vaxxed or fuck off.

  27. I was in Manhattan in august and it never got checked. Mask wearing in the city was pretty low too.

  28. My local bar started asking for proof of vax already. The interesting thing is all the people they've had to turn away are young people, not the boomer conservative types reddit likes to demonize. It's been pretty fascinating to watch and try guessing who has their card and who doesn't but I'm noticing a pattern.

  29. I was looking at vaccinated population by region and noticed that the LA MAGA country (Santa Clarita, Simi Valley) had higher vaccination rates than my hip, liberal, woke eastside neighborhood

  30. This Embassy hotel and Clark hotel near Perch restaurant have been trying to open up. I've seen workers and lights on. But nothing opened in 5 to 8 years. Seems like the property owners are wanting to look like they are doing something yet other do enough.

  31. Whatever happened to the Clark? I remember around 2012/2013 it was almost finished up and had an opening date set.

  32. I heard more New Yorkers tell me that NYC was the greatest city on Earth during a four day visit than anything similar coming from Angelenos after living here for 15 years. Actually, I don't think I've ever heard anyone tell me that LA is the greatest city on Earth.

  33. I went to NYC a few weeks back for a wedding. At the rehearsal dinner, I made small talk with the person sitting across the table from me. When I told her I was from LA, she immediacy started telling me how much better NYC was, based on her one trip to LA. I moved on from the convo, but she kept bringing up the LA/NYC thing. I never once shit on NYC to her (I think it’s a great place!). I felt like that scene in Mad Men. “I feel sorry for you” “I don’t even think about you.”

  34. What is their creepy ass obsession with policing other people's sex lives? Also their justifying mutilating baby genitals always weirded me out too.

  35. I don’t think you can pin circumcision on Christianity since it’s been globally practiced for millennia without previous influence from Christianity.

  36. Grew up heavily influenced by his college and church. Didn’t go to either, but knew a lot of people that did. He always creeped me out and gave me strong Jim Jones vibes. Turned out I was right.

  37. People need to stop constantly referring to outdoor events as superspreader. There has been no evidence to support.

  38. And conveniently after this settled, the pastor admitted to catching COVID during a church wide outbreak at the end of last year when they were denying both had occurred.

  39. Do you have a source? This whole thing makes me sick. The pastor belongs in jail and hell if there is one.


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