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  1. It was a deathtrap for inexperienced pilots of small planes

  2. There seems to be one going up on Montgomery and Wyoming

  3. I thought that was going to be a senior living / medical complex

  4. It’s a one-way people valve.

  5. Your sister just doesn’t want you having the footage of her, banging her boyfriend in the backseat. Can’t say as I blame her

  6. Basically, it comes down to the fact that US airlines (for a number of reasons) have always had the luxury of pulling their pilot candidates from a pool of applicants who have paid for their own training. This being the case, there is an enormous amount of variability in the training programs, training level, and actual skill level of the candidates involved. This historical anomaly, where US air carriers have avoided paying AT ALL for initial pilot training, led to several high profile accidents with low time pilots working for the airlines.

  7. Just like all natural resources, salmon will eventually be relegated to a niche market derived from farms and a select few hatchery ‘runs.’ We’re too greedy to save them.

  8. The problem here is bigger than just over harvesting, though that is an issue in some areas and particularly for king / chinook salmon

  9. You my friend have a small vice grip problem. Time to seek a program 😀

  10. He has a program. It’s for rounding off bolt heads and converting hex nuts to threaded collars

  11. Ahhhh love that red state infrastructure bankrolled by blue states.

  12. Traditional “conservative purple”.

  13. Stoats are hunters, like straight kill everything that moves hunters. Adorable little fucks tho

  14. It’s too bad you can’t rent one for rodent control. We had one that used to get into an old house with mice issues and the mouse problems would disappear immediately. Not only that, the mice seem to avoid areas where ermine have been, probably terrified of the smell.

  15. Between the dogs and the mink it’s a pretty savage outfit

  16. And yet that wealthy country keeps saying it can't afford to give everyone free or low-cost health-care. Funny though, there's so many other developed countries that can afford it but the world's most wealthy one somehow can't.

  17. A trillion reasons a year military budget

  18. WFH sounds great, but aircraft passengers really don’t seem enthused about the concept being applied to pilot jobs

  19. Fun fact: these things could carry a full sheet of plywood and shut the tailgate. Most of today's giant pickups can't do that.

  20. My ‘63 Safari Wagon had seats for 11 passengers, I could haul my whole military unit to Juarez with one sober driver

  21. Unfortunately, it’s the particularly virulent koala strain. Don’t ask.

  22. Eh, it's up there. I like LMT's solution a little better, more general parts compatibility.

  23. A buddy of mine has claimed he did. It was at extremely close range though. Less than 50 yards. Also a relatively thin AR500 plate. Maybe 1/4" or so. Maybe a little thicker.

  24. What’s that smell? Oh yeah, it’s bullshit

  25. In this and all alternate realities

  26. They reliably raise your insurance rates

  27. Chinese had some bright minds in the project besides Russians. Qian Xuesen was from Karman's group at Caltech and Qian Sanqiang wast trained under Joliot-Curie's in Sorbonne.

  28. The Lorena Bobbit Special Edition pickle slicer

  29. When the helicopter tour companies are going hot-n-heavy their ramp crew makes decent bank (occasionally more than the junior helicopter pilots!)

  30. Gotta pay those student loans off somehow!

  31. Hope the strut has replaceable / repairable leading and trailing edges.

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