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  1. She posted her vile racist hatred of Meghan on my post on Instagram. I reported her to Instagram and blocked her. She’s a vile person and dangerous, I got that information from her Brother. They all hate her! She’s also a pathological liar, she can’t stop!

  2. Angela…Abusive and violent Natalie….She’s just crazy and needs to stay off tv and get help. Big Ed…..As you said “you know why”.

  3. Why can’t we figure out how to get this nasty bitch off of our tv & OUT OF THE POSITION OF RAKING IN CASH?!?! I cannot STAND HER! I am sick & tired of her getting ANY attention & I so wish we could boycott the entire network to get her OUT!

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. TLC have got rid of people for doing a lot less than she has. She’s a racist violent bully and they keep her in money 😡

  5. It’s nothing to do with looks for Tom. The type he goes for are small insecure (in a relationship way) women with money. He’s desperate to find someone who can give him the lifestyle he craves for.

  6. He brings down British women as being hard work because none of them want him (can’t understand how anyone had sex with him for him to have his Son). Kathleen and others like her put up with men like him in a desperate bid to help their families. He’s a terrible human being if he truly believes the things he says, if he thinks they’re funny, he needs a new routine. Right now he’s 100% wanker!

  7. What an insult to the indigenous people of Brazil. He doesn’t get any more intelligent with age does he 🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. Are they insulted or are you insulted for them? They probably don’t even know this guy exists and if they saw him they’d probably just think “oh interesting”. It’s the bored first world chumps collecting personal offense for everyone else

  9. It’s a general insult regardless of whether the people know he’s mocking them or not. It would be the same if he blacked his face and made stupid generalisations about black people. You just don’t do it. He’s an idiot.

  10. Why the hell did she go through with that sham of a wedding. You could have shoved that red flag up her nose and she would have ignored it. The eye rolling, the patting on her back, allergic to the wedding ring 😂 How much more proof does she need that he doesn’t even like her, let alone love her 🤷‍♀️

  11. Jeezus! Does the NHS not cover an endocrinologist? Poor thing looks awful and that tumor or whatever it is, looks painful!

  12. They don’t usually cause any problems, they just look horrible.

  13. Yes, my Mum had one but just a small bump on the side of her neck. Can be from a lack of iodine too. Never seen anyone’s as bad as Janes. I think Mariah needs to stop with the earrings, fake and far too heavy. Her lobes will be touching her shoulders soon!

  14. I’m older than Pat, I’d never have a phone case like that. Clear protective Apple case for me 😂

  15. You can get married at 16 but with your parents consent.

  16. He also has a twat prodigy in his son who’s just like him

  17. You’re absolutely WRONG!!!!!! Without a doubt in the world , would it not be Sam and her 40 years junior partner clearly looking to get in the country or the relationship Emma has where her partner Hossein clearly can’t stand the sight of her or Shaun and Christine so Shaun can get the urgent mental health help he so desperately needs to like himself (before any relationship)

  18. Pat is absolutely deluded. I may be wrong but I think Sam could be gay and is desperate to get to a country that will accept his sexuality. Completely agree about the others. Shaun really has some mental health issues that he needs help with before anything else.

  19. 😂🤣 I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she had one. They all seem to be cashing in on it.

  20. I’m British and never ate food like that in my life 🤢

  21. Nope, I hate baked beans. I’ve tried pie, mash and liquor and I do like fish and chips (if that’s what it is) but I’ve never had any that look like that. No idea what the bottom right is 😂

  22. I’m more worried about how her Daughter greeted him at the airport. That was so strange!

  23. Imoa, I feel that Darcy needs a man for validation. I don't feel she is comfortable without being in a relationship. For all her actions on the show it appears she has low self esteem.

  24. I just hope her girls are actually strong enough to see through their moms issues. Hopefully they have other women in their lives to show them what real strength look like

  25. I really hope they realise what she’s done. It’s so sad that they see all the comments on social media about her but in one way I hope it’s enough to stop them going down the same route.

  26. While I have no proof, I believe they were removed for breaking the Non disclosure agreement. After the first few episodes Host (or someone identifying as Host) came on here to set the record straight and there were link's to Birdie's Instagram where she also spilled the tea as it were.

  27. Oh! I remember seeing that. I wondered where they’d gone.

  28. We have a Tory politician in the UK who’s very fond of wearing a top hat. I ‘lovingly’ refer to him as The Twat in the Hat. Maybe there’s 2 of them now 😂 What the hell is going on with those lapels of his jacket, this is the worst outfit since Jesse’s blue clown suit.

  29. As someone who sews, those lapels need interfacing and the excess fabric clipped from the seams. It screams tuxedo from Walmart.

  30. I noticed that but it was on the correct finger when they arrived at his Mothers house.

  31. It was so strange how she jumped on him. If I didn’t know I’d have thought that the Daughter was the girlfriend. A lot different to how he and Emma greeted each other. Why does she put on that accent when she speaks to him, really makes me laugh, she must think he understands her more 😂

  32. I’m old enough to be her Mother but without seeming conceited, I’m sure I look younger than he 😳

  33. The whopping 3 comments and 27 likes has me rolling 🪦

  34. He’s got 13 comments now. He’ll be selling his $1 cameos again soon.

  35. I live in vegas and I’m already terrified of running into coltee or David everyday, now I gotta worry about this too wtf

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