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  1. Does anyone out there have a backup that could make it just as easy to download stuff from than the Play Station Store or PKGj?

  2. I want to know too. You here bits and pieces of news ever now and then which makes you consoder stuff like this.

  3. Not at all. I may be overcompensating but I just wanted to gauge what was "normal".

  4. No one should struggle with £1.4k disposable a month. Whether you would be living well probably depends on where you live and what you consider to be living well.

  5. !thanks This would be in London but im fairly happy with the simple life so maybe that should be enough.

  6. This. if my family and loved ones reside there, then yes.

  7. I reckon thats a massively subjective question. In terms of from the birth of modern humanity to now, probably somewhere in the 90s but that is pure opinion. Feels like things are on a bit of a spiral, on before there was less technical advance, medicine etc..

  8. For real where can I get a subscription for this. Need to sign one of my boys up 😭😭😭😭

  9. I need to see the rest. I need to know HOW THIS ENDS!!!

  10. That shit do be looking drier than Ghandi's flipflop though.

  11. Whats cursed is that we wont get any more of this mad anime

  12. Its the weird dog in the back with the empty black eyes which gets me...

  13. When converting your own, you want the compression at 1-3 generally. Also, strange that it doesn't work in retroarch...

  14. Seconding the compression aspect being low. There may just be a very small handful of games that dont work...

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