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  1. tf is this pitch, the turn is insane

  2. Umar goes for runs in one over and is never given another over again. Explains the anti pace mentality of the team

  3. It's not anti pace mentality, there's something called as 'pitch conditions' in a sport called 'cricket' where sometimes raw pace doesn't work and it's more suitable for slow balls and cutters and spin of course. For the entirety of 20 overs, the commentators talked about the how the pitch has a lot for spinners and medium pacers, did u even watch the match?

  4. This look like girl shorts. RSS shirts need to have the uncle vibe. This is a bit sexualized.

  5. That 'thread' is absolutely necessary

  6. You're right, idk why you getting flamed lol

  7. I'm watching this match on cricbuzz, can anyone tell me if the pitch is bowling friendly or Indian bowlers really fucked Black Caps

  8. Is there any Indian batter who plays sweep shots really well ? I can't think of many tbh

  9. that guy also sweeps against fast bowlers haha but his sweeps are a bit unorthodox

  10. t20cels when there's no boundary in every 6 balls when the required RR is less than 5 😱

  11. These grounds are so bad for fielders, diving here is like inviting injuries

  12. Bhosdike idhar dekh le wallmart version

  13. Since when a misfield considered a shitpost

  14. Tall Pace all rounder with long reach , tim David is the Polly replacement. Green is supposed to be like hardik i guess

  15. Sadly, there's no replacement for Hardik, as he is an Indian pace all rounder who doesn't eat up the overseas slot. That's one of the reasons Neesham never got a spot to play for MI when he was in the squad

  16. This MF ran Axar out in WC and gave no shit , but when any other player says no to another run he starts acting like a bitch

  17. People hating on KL in ODIs are stupid as hell

  18. The fact that Kohli and Rohit fans even think of comparing them with SKY is braindamaging. He's leagues ahead of them in t20s

  19. He's Bhuvi in disguise ( but worse )

  20. Captain coach same rakha hai... so obviously they'll lobby for the guy who was instrumental in bringing them in, in the first place. The only thing that has changed is Pandya being T20 captain. And I'm hoping against hope that it remains so.

  21. Hardik has been made scapegoat, he's acting as a shield for Rohit the captain in t20s. Rohit would've got way too much hate if he was the captain of T20 side so for the time being Hardik is the captain

  22. And also openers let him down by creating extra pressure, so he had no other option than hitting every ball.

  23. It's funny how you couldn't even mention Kohli and said openers lmao, KL got out in the beginning itself. Kohli- Rohit 'the face of Indian cricket' created extra pressure on him

  24. So getting out in the beginning doesn't create pressure on the upcoming batters? When surya came to bat India were 56-1 in 8.5 and Kohli were at 23(20) (which is his typical template to build the inning), stop dragging Kohli everywhere mate, it was indeed a pure opening failure.

  25. How's 23(20) fine in a batting pitch like Adelaide, are u stupid ? And what was the point of that typical innings build when he gets out for 50(40). You guys talked about how the opening is so bad because they don't utilize the powerplay but when in the SF Kohli and Rohit played 90% of the powerplay, you couldn't even say shit haha

  26. At that time Iyer and Sky were a bit similar so there was no point putting Iyer and SKY in the same team anyways, and Gill on the other hand isn't that good in t20s so yeah the management has done a decent job ig

  27. Depends on your age actually. If you're young, don't take it, no one knows the long term effects of these vaccines. I personally know many people who have got serious side effects from vaccine as well

  28. If Gill is replaced by Tripathi, that won't be the case anymore

  29. Tripathi actually deserves a chance man, my guy has been travelling everywhere with the team only to not get a single match like damn

  30. I think he can be another sky 150+sr fearless approach , plays shots around the park

  31. Yeah, he's not anchor like other batters, he plays selflessly

  32. Which i feel is dumb He should have remained the loi captain and koach should have gotten the test captaincy back if they wanted to split captains

  33. No it's not, time to move on from Koach and Rohit, Koach doesn't even deserve a place in the test team let alone be the captain

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