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  1. Ask yourself why you would want to use the NuFace device that uses micro pulses to activate muscle on areas you used botox to shrink and deactivate muscle…

  2. Hi. I was not following any trends. I have been wanting to get a NUFACE for at least 3 years before I started getting masseter Botox but it was always way too expensive and thought that it may help with further slimming effects or perhaps have any other benefits that is why I was asking :) Thanks for taking out the time to reply though.

  3. Most likely placebo. Xeomin doesn’t begin to work until at least 4 days after.

  4. Thanks, I think I’m just too overexcited haha have been looking forward to my first session for a few years lol

  5. How are you doing now? Happy? Any changes?

  6. Hi, yes I am noticing a slight change, it has just been 2 weeks since the Xeomin, however my injector said by the three month the full results will be visible and that is the time to top up which I think I will do, but will definitely keep you updated if you like, thanks for checking up😊

  7. You look great! If you don’t mind me asking, how many sessions of jaw botox did you have and if you know how many units at the time??

  8. Rest In Peace Beautiful Zen, you innocent soul and condolences to your parents❤️

  9. Actually iirc, Blake has very interesting opinions on alcohol as she mentioned really recently that I found on this article recently

  10. Was it mentioned that this was in her days of Disney but her family got wind of it and snapped her out of it real quick? You made it seem like she's an everyday pot head lol.

  11. No not anything like that, but if iirc it was posted here on this sub by the user: dont_fight_it that: “ I personally don't know her, but my garbage ass, gaslighting, cheating, uses-poly-as-a-band-aid-for-his-failed-marriage ex whose also in the industry dates/dated one of her makeup artists on Euphoria. According to him she says Zendaya is lovely and really humble with a wickedly dark sense of humor and a massive pot head though keeps it quiet.

  12. What did Kris Jenner act like and look like irl?? Also which celebs did you see that were otherworldly in real life or just how they looked in general and any random tea about any celebrities you met?? Lastly, did you pick up and cool beauty tips/secrets along the way? Thanks for doing this xx

  13. fasting can stimulate more hair growth through autophagy so as long as the person is getting the right supplements/ lack of stress.

  14. Sorry for the continuous questions, but would you have any idea what some of these supplements might be??

  15. if they are fasting, that can play into it. fasting helps with skin appearance

  16. Do you think fasting helps their hair as well? Or does it make it worse I.e cause hair loss etc.

  17. What do you mean by thick? High density? Because you can have nice fine hair

  18. Ok well I suppose just nice hair in general fine or thick.

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