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  1. The highest paying roles in finance are at proprietary trading shops. But high paying roles are competitive, theres no such thing as high paying roles that arent well known

  2. Sorry if wrote it poorly. Meant more like what jobs do people not think of immediately. Like most people immediately think of IB and high pay

  3. In that case not many people in the public know what a quant is, so prop trading is much less well known than IB, and pays very high.

  4. RSM, Tilburg, Maastricht, Utrecht. I would go with Rotterdam.

  5. I’m not from EU so I can’t recommend anyone but I’m seeing other comments suggesting to not seek help so I just wanted to provide a different opinion.

  6. Yeah I definitely don’t want to do it all one. Could you possibly share which agency or some info about your counsellor? Thanks!

  7. had the R8 for a year and missed it so much after selling it. When I'd get it back from service I was in love again. Got the Huracan Performante now for about a month and still loving the hell out of it. I just want to drive everywhere all the time.

  8. What do you do for a living. Since you play League and have a Lambo lol

  9. Lots of opportunity with internet nowadays

  10. I swear the whole GME ape STRONK bullshit from a year ago that increased the sub count by a factor of 10 ruined this subreddit. Nobody here can take a joke anymore and this cuts both ways.

  11. Exactly what I’m thinking reading the comments on this sub

  12. Yeah same opinion here. M cars looks nice. Non-M cars not really

  13. People are buying gems at .55 meaning as long as elektra sells for more than 33 gems they profit. Plus they get the chance of landing a rare mint or SR

  14. How exactly are they in profit? At the end of the day they have 30 gems compared to 60 gems and if they want to sell the gems they get the same rate 0.55*30

  15. A bit late. But whats the name of the rims you got?

  16. Thank you. What I was thinking exactly and thought of Degiro or Tradezero as an alternative. Though I'm a bit skeptic of Tradezero

  17. e200 says:

    I have experience with IBKR, Saxo and Trading 212. IBKR is best with a heavy lead.

  18. How are the fees compared to other mentioned brokers? Somewhere in the middle? T212 being cheaper and Saxo more expensive right

  19. The only cringe is NFT bros thinking their ugly fucking monkeys are worth any more than a 3 seecond chuckle

  20. Well they are. Just sell and worth more than 3 chuckles :D

  21. When you reset your PC, did you choose the extended cleanup option? In that case it's practically impossible. If not, then it's still pretty complicated and would require sophisticated techniques to recover any data from your disk.

  22. I chose the one which re-downloads Windows 10 from the internet

  23. I had the 1st gen E8 before upgrading to the EQ. Fit wise, I didn’t had a problem with either one of them. Hope this helps !

  24. Would you say they fit similarly or not? Never had problem with e8 falling out of my ear during cycling and wouldnt like EQ to be less tight in the ear

  25. With the internet there are maaany ways to make money

  26. Except that as I've recently learned, PoW was designed in 2012. You'd think that if it was actually worth it all coins would have switched to it by now, right ? And yet it's late 2021, a whopping 9 years later (basically an eternity in digital terms) and PoW is adopted by barely a handful of e-coins.

  27. If you kept your dollars from 2008 you'd have a lot less rn. Buy any crypto in 2012 or even 2017 peak you're still in big profit ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  28. But... You can just us ethe same tech Valve was using for the steam trading? Doesn't burn up a rainforest of resources and you get the thing.

  29. Thats where proof of stake coins come in play

  30. Logitech z407 vs z533 Hello, I am considering getting some speakers for my PC and deciding between these 2 mentioned models. The z407 is a "lower" model compared to the z533 but they have DSP and are newer. So which are better to get and if DSP makes a big difference. Thanks

  31. Both will sound like shit. They’re toy speakers for kids. Logitech makes great mice but they do not make a single good audio product.

  32. How tellable or does it make a big difference that neither of the Edifiers have a separate subwoofer? And is audio clarity good when somebody is talking in a video? Lastly is their a big difference between the mentioned models. Thanks

  33. I understand but they seem quite big and would most likely interrupt the view at my monitor

  34. Cpu: Ryzen 5 5600x Gpu: 3070ti (bought for retail) Ram: 16gb 3600 2TB M.2 SSD

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