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  1. Standard Edition has the dwarves as plastic miniatures, while all the monsters are cardboard standees. In Deluxe the monsters are plastic miniatures too.

  2. And if you ever happen to end a game with a cheater and got massive amount of xp and gold/ressources.. you can backup to a save file before that game session and it's undone :)

  3. Correct. Pinging the gold chunk only tells Bosco to grab it for you.

  4. ha there we go that's why. which means my order isnt affected at all afterall, awesome. thanks

  5. An unspoken rule is that unfortunately there are leaf lovers among some hosts. I think you just were unlucky. Rock and Stone, you did nothing wrong.

  6. Maybe an overclock that you can rotate it.. similar to that overclock for that engi weapon I forgot the name.. breach cutter? That thing with the 3 purple rays

  7. I'm glad that I can remember where to find nitra

  8. Pandemic, Santorini, Ricochet Robots, Mice and Mystic, Imhotep Duel

  9. In the south east.. seems like a river and your island continues there

  10. Rock is missing.. then you have rock and stone!

  11. Take a proper screenshot, then you can mine it

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