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  1. Omg! Is that why she is wearing her hair that way! Honey, you are having serious delusions of grandeur… or maybe just delusions?? 😵‍💫

  2. I think so too! Because she’s almost always wears it down so she can flip it etc. recently she had a big long ponytail — but I totally thought she wore this style on purpose as soon as she started comparing herself to Meg

  3. Those damn leggings and slippers have been around for so long they need their own Instagram account.

  4. I was going to say she has the mind of a chimp but that would just be plain mean to chimps.

  5. She has a tighter grip on her phone then she does the baby. 🤯

  6. But her skin is darker than her children’s! How dare you say these things about this woman of color who worked hard to immigrate to America!

  7. Thank you! This shit needs to be posted and reposted regularly. Hillary is hoping people will forget all this. Its our job to make sure they don't

  8. I hate to have to tell you this but it’s dried seman.

  9. His father who has been dead since 1983. Should we send an edible arrangement?

  10. Why isn't this higher!!! This is absolute proof that she pretended to be spanish.

  11. Because Fraudalina just blames the other person and says they got it wrong. 😵‍💫

  12. Let’s all think about how this played out. Did she hear the news, start crying and immediately grab her phone? Or .. grab phone rubbed onions in eyes and yelled action! However it played out, its a disrespectful, self absorbed, sociopathic attention seeking video that shows the true mentality of this she bitch.

  13. Sean Hayes and Megan Mullaly didn’t even react like this. They worked with him and were actual friends!

  14. There is absolutely NO WAY that a woman raised to adulthood in Boston to English speaking, non Spanish speaking American citizen parents would have an accent like this. NO WAY. She is delusional and I think that Child Protective Services needs to step in and monitor the well being of her children. This is beyond bizarre.

  15. All her children are doing just fine they are luckily raised by all the nannies.

  16. This right here is why actual celebrities hide when you come down the street and talk behind your back. You. Bring. It. On. Yourself!

  17. He labelled this “Donut day.” I responded on his comments, it’s also your daughter‘s birthday! Happy birthday Ireland!

  18. Are those sugar free donuts because zI didn’t think her children ate sugar- lol

  19. Squirrels juggling knives in her head, monkeys playing with bananas.

  20. Ask around and get the deets on the Thomas’ and their Spanish daughter. 💃

  21. Hillary, why are you speaking with a Spanish accent? Your parents must be so proud of you.

  22. I DMd them a very respectful comment about ethics and optics. No matter what your opinion, it is so important we all participate which apparently we did!!!! Nice work for SM activism.

  23. Looks like they are sponsoring her because they are following her too

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