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  1. Apparently states can regulate womens bodies but not guns?

  2. He keeps talking about bringing the effort and defense, so I’m going to hold him up to that.

  3. Not angry at the pick, he needs to work on his handling, but let this be prove that I wanted Mark Williams instead.

  4. KD is still a top 3 player in the league that literally every team will be after if he becomes available. And no, we don’t have the assets to compete given that scenario. You honestly think Rui and Deni/Kispert and 2/3 firsts would be the best offer the Nets get?

  5. Seems like you agree, we have the assets to put together a package to offer the Nets.

  6. I get you’re a Deadskins fan, but why are you so negative brother?

  7. Bill is at his best (IMO) when talking from a historical perspective. Great listen.

  8. You can tell Big Cat listens to Russilos podcast he took his both teams are very good but not great take

  9. I’m not a betting man. So what does that mean if I put $100 for US to beat England?

  10. I haven't been following too closely lately. Did they say it was going to be F2P? If so, it's dead on launch.

  11. They have confirmed it’s F2P but are adamant about it not being pay2win and it will not feature any nft.

  12. What do they mean by not featuring any NFT?

  13. A lot of new games are introducing NFTs into their ecosystem

  14. I generally agree with everything you said. Thank you for being a logical rts enjoyer

  15. Starcraft 1 and 2 have a history of having negative artstyle feedback in initial reveals, perhaps this will be Frost Giant's Orcs in Space moment... lol

  16. When DOTA 2 first released, everyone hated the graphics and feel.

  17. I loved every player in the movie getting love at the end with that montage. That was awesome

  18. I actually never listened to his pod. Was losing it an L for The Ringer?

  19. Been listening since Yahoo— he’s great. It’s a big loss for sure, but it seems like JJ made the right choice not to take the money.

  20. Did GGG really say he’s gonna sub Arriola in for his verticality? Am I new? Isn’t he 5’6” at best??

  21. Tatum cannot continue to preach Kobe and defer like that

  22. Just wrapped season 2 last night (re-watch).

  23. At least Nicky never killed a duck. Plus his baby mama was stacked. ;)

  24. Dude when she took off her top I was in shock. Completely forgot about her.

  25. My absolute favorite OPJ highlight as a Wiz

  26. I will go to my grave asking us to draft Mark Williams

  27. So you’re not a Celtics fan then

  28. Damn huge upset, Jalen was the favorite at 2-1, McM was 25-1 preseason.

  29. I would’ve of had RJ before Jalen no doubt

  30. This is Lil Wayne’s fault for calling Luka a bitch— he’s courtside lmao

  31. Bill tries so hard to be respected with his voting. He literally spends every episode figuring out his all nba team. He is not the one to be calling out.

  32. Less AOE skills, more focus on macro.

  33. That KG+ Adam Sandler pod is one of my favorites. This makes me want to go back and listen to some older episodes. Any recommendations?

  34. he’s cut back on the “Are we sure….?” Hypotheticals drastically

  35. Any time I need a pick me up I go through them

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