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  1. ovi bad cuz russia bad please upvote or else you support russia

  2. This makes me wonder: What's the lowest amount of cars finishing a race and what's the highest number of cars DNFing out of a race?

  3. Then start learning if you wanna solve your "I don't have this paint job" problems.

  4. I'm sure he's crying tears onto his cup title 😭😭😭😭😭.

  5. UConn and UMass will still be lol tier, Boston College will be irrelevant but keep producing 1st round offensive linemen.

  6. They typically rip the cars directly from nr2003 so that's why it looks so good

  7. And theyll keep doing it because I don't think the NR2003 community wants to declare war on children and waste their time trying to deal with kids who have never heard the word "no" in their lives.

  8. Seems like ever since the all star race there's been some sort of revolution from media personalities against NASCAR.

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