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Trump's views on the Ukraine conflict

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  1. I'm just starting it (day 4) so I don't really know yet. I am curious how long you took it though and if you feel better or worse now that you're off it?

  2. Interesting I’ve never heard of Honeybee. I have Amneal, currently - never paid attention to see if I’ve been given others. It works great for me! Tho maybe another is better and I’d never know. I also go to Walgreens, so maybe that’s their go-to?

  3. Thank you so much for the reply! Yea the Amneal, which I'm taking, is definitely doing something so that's good. I took Buspar once in the mid-00s and can only recall thinking it didn't have much of an affect on me one way or another. So having -a- response is good news. I just have had a terrible time w/ Lamictal generics after (Teva) stopped making theirs in 2018 due to business reasons. The others haven't worked nears as well for me. Due to that though I'm super weary about generic manufacturers. They're all overseas and it seems like the quality control isn't as good as it should be.

  4. Personally find poking fun at him in rather poor taste. Other concept artists can’t just rip his “style” like AI. So what’s going on is unprecedented - his “style” is tens of thousands of hours of practice and foundational expertise of light physics, material properties, human and animal anatomy & kinesiology, perspective, custom brush creation, workflow optimization, color theory, storytelling, composition, graphic design, etc. He’s probably something like a 1 in a billion talent. I’d be surprised if there were 10 human beings in the world who are able to execute at his level.

  5. I agree. Poor guy is feeling what Kasparov must have felt a few decades ago.

  6. Are you pursuing for mental health or pain? So i didnt use it much after that. Maybe a few times but not for long. I was trying to get a booster between infusions so i tried 120mg once to try to mimick an infusion and i got some effect from that but it didnt last beyond the day i took it. I tried a few times after that but didnt experience any benefits. I still have a bunch of it im not using.

  7. Very useful! Thank you for replying! I am/would be taking it for mental health (depression/bipolar swings). I would being taking low-doses daily or every other day....not dose to trip and hope for an "afterglow" / reprieve. So yea, I kinda mixed reviews. I've taken it a few days now and have had some good period of time in different days, but I'm not sure if I should go to long w/ it w/o committing since there does seem to be some potential for withdrawal.

  8. Memantine has been tested for depression. It doesn't show promising results:

  9. Can you please update your Memantine trial? Are you still taking it? If so how is it going/dosing regime? If not what happened?

  10. Interesting summary. I don't recall any reports of limonene used for anhedonia, but there appears to be no downside to trying it. I consider it an essential terpene when filling DIY vape carts, but I assume a much higher dose would be needed to replicate the research in the paper. Let us know if you try it.

  11. Have some coming. I was seeking something to calm the heartburn a new generic of methylphenidate has been giving me. Anecdotally it's supposed to be incredibly effective for GERD/Acid Reflux/Heartburn. When looking into it I found some people saying it boosted their mood also......I will try to followup after a decent trial.

  12. You're smart to have gotten the booster. Infection w Omicron does not provide much of an immunity boost (about 1/3 of that of a booster per one study in the science group

  13. This was posted here before but someone had an issue that might be related so I'm reposting. If you catch/recover from covid you may need to adjust your lithium dose afterwards. Study found some may process it slower and end up w high levels on the same dose they were taking before. (See attached study)

  14. Have you had Covid? That has been found to cause brain fog for people post acute infection. /R/covid19Positive would have posts on that of you did. Also if you had Covid that will likely increase your levels of lithium afterward (to the point of toxicity in some cases). Was a study warning of this. So if that's involved check your levels again too.

  15. Yes I did have it actually quite recently before it started. I’m awaiting results of a blood test I took earlier this week (is it normal for it to take long?) These are super useful insights!

  16. Ahh yea that could be it, see this post from a few months ago (and the study). Blood work shouldn't take too long. I'd def mention to your doc and prob good to mention there was a study about levels potentially changing since it's new science:

  17. Can't resist mentioning TLR4 would be very much compatible with alpha7 nicotinic receptor hypothesis.

  18. Total layperson, but could that also explain why current smokers have been shown to have a lower risk of infection? (Not severe disease, but becoming infected). One example


  20. They did say the numbers they had to work w for hospitalizations were very small. I wouldn't focus on that too much until other data comes..

  21. Not good news. We need a nasal vaccine to hopefully increase our immune systems's ability to prevent infection in the first place.

  22. I can’t believe people still mindlessly propagate this bullshit. Elon came to Canada with nothing and had to support his family financially as he built himself up. I think the guys a knob but I hate seeing people spread the equivalent falsehoods of Richard Gere stuffing gerbils up his ass

  23. Dude, turn off the Foxnews or whatever the fuck got you sucking his dick. Wow.

  24. Lol. Imagine spreading lies about somebody, and when somebody corrects you, because it’s demonstratively false, you resort to name calling instead of doing research and finding out their wrong.

  25. Stop sucking rich people dick. You're falling for the ruse.

  26. My grandma has dementia and that look at 17-20 seconds is so familiar. He just forgot what he was talking about and went by rote. I expect my grandma to talk about windmills when I ask about Ukraine, but someone who is threatening to run for US President in 2 years!?

  27. He had dementia -before- having COVID which, at least in severe cases, causes neurological problems. Anyone considering putting this guy back in charge really needs to change the channel away from Foxnews.

  28. Reviewing your previous posts (and the other replier) seems there's an agenda here vs. unbiased assessment of the data.

  29. "In a convenience sample of patients who had died from Covid-19, multifocal microvascular injury was observed in the brain and olfactory bulbs by means of magnetic resonance microscopy, histopathological evaluation, and immunohistochemical analysis of corresponding sections, without evidence of viral infection. These findings may inform the interpretation of changes observed on magnetic resonance imaging of punctate hyperintensities and linear hypointensities in patients with Covid-19. Because of the limited clinical information that was available, no conclusions can be drawn in relation to neurologic features of Covid-19."

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