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  1. He's like a little kid in a game of tag yelling "TIME OUT" right before they get tagged. "that tag doesn't count! i officially called a time out!"

  2. Dude is scum. Loves all the far right crap on right wing talk radio here in CT. Cries victim every chance he gets.

  3. I would be indescribably happy in my incorrectness if I’m wrong, but it seems flimsy. I think there’s a good chance he is heading towards indictment, just likely not today (or this week).

  4. This feels borderline Q, no? Tracking a plane then dreaming up an arrest based on the color of a pair of shoes?

  5. I mean, it's like the feeling you get when you buy a lottery ticket and you go on daydreaming about how nice life would be. Can you blame anyone?

  6. I'm curious about the empty folders with classification markings...

  7. I suspect the FBI grabbed something other than top secret government stuff and he don't want to let it out

  8. So his fabricated story got suppressed and that equals he should be president. My brain hurts just trying to figure out the logic.

  9. This investigation started because when Trump returned boxes containing classifed information to the National Archives on January 18:

  10. Here is the quiet part out loud. Massive educational debt is slavery.

  11. Glad these kids are being given an opportunity. GOP lawmaker should reconsider his priorities.

  12. Let me guess, this have anything to do with leverage for his new crusade to end the espionage laws to protect his precious?

  13. But mature enough to raise a child. WTF

  14. Literally in third grade, Mrs. Evans taught students like me how to use these words correctly.

  15. Are you kidding? He would have jumped on that if he had an opportunity. This is laughable

  16. Members of Congress on the House Ways and Means Committee announced a victory in their battle to obtain Donald Trump’s tax returns on Tuesday, the culmination of a years-long battle in the war to prove longstanding allegations of fraud and wrongdoing that have dogged the president for years.

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