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  1. It's like amen and a-women... I've seen a similar one on Pinterest. Something like:

  2. I know what it's called, but for the sake of simplicity I called specificity.

  3. So, you know the difference between definiteness and specificity, but you called it just specificity?

  4. So... did reading the rest of my comment give you the impression I didn't know what I was talking about or did you just quit reading halfway to tell me I didn't know what I was talking about? The point of my comment wasn't about what definiteness is, it was about the uses of the word "the" in specific situations, which I explained. I know I'm not an expert but excuse me for thinking I knew enough to help someone navigate the ridiculous idiosyncrasies of English in a way they might understand.

  5. So, you ban the art because you think it was made by an AI, and then tell them that if they did make it, to abandon the style because AI can do better? What?! So what do you want them to do? Use an AI or not?

  6. Spanish class in seventh grade. When I started realizing how different another language could be, the variation and difference in sound just captured me.

  7. If you ever took a foreign language course in school, then imagine that without any exposure to speaking other than your own. You're basically left to make sense of the grammar however you can, with no examples of how it really works from a native speaker. You also don't have anyone to correct your mistakes if your only source is a book. That's why I prefer videos and resources like Reddit, plus consuming native content.

  8. Guns are illegal in Japan unless owned by police, if I remember correctly. Given how unreliable movies are, chances are, the general public doesn't know how to hold a firearm.

  9. The protagonist of the games is a pink gumball who loves to sleep and eat, and eventually everyone becomes his friend, both because he's super friendly and also incredibly terrifying given the black-hole pocket dimension in his stomach that allows him to shapeshift and kill god after god after eldritch horror with the power of gods over stolen cake.

  10. When women wear short skirts and no leggings when it's freezing out and windy, is that to intimidate men? Or just the other women?

  11. Actually, it's to give men something to look at and feed the woman's narcissism or depression, depending on the result. Either way, it'll end with "I'm hot and men are pigs."

  12. Sometimes actually, it's because we grew up in the Midwest where heatwaves and blizzards practically co-occur and, unlike the women, don't keep coats, blankets, and the like in our cars or on our person at all times so instead grow accustomed to it.

  13. Now that I've finished downvoting everyone who's voted mirror so far, I vote hammer. What do hammers or yo-yos, even cool ones, admittedly, have against flashy mirror magic? The way they mixed mirror and sword together for dark metaknight's move-set? Peak entertainment.

  14. Why would you downvote people who aren’t voting the same way you are? It does affect if the vote gets counted or not, and I don’t see how doing so would sway someone’s opinion.

  15. Well, it was mostly a joke. But also, judging by the negative numbers on their comments, I'm not the only one downvoting. It doesn't serve a purpose, and I know that, but they are voting mirror, so I downvote.

  16. The abuse of my little sister (adopted). It was basically attempted murder.

  17. That is so heartbreaking. And good that she is no longer in their care for whatever reason. Hopefully the little boy was given up/removed as well.

  18. All the children were, fortunately. Whatever happened, the home was deemed unsafe.

  19. Mirror is at the top of all of these and it fills me with so much hope that it will win the royale.

  20. A man who thinks about things other than sex and alcohol, doesn't like sports, doesn't like cars, and only half-cares about video games. I'm also white and love spicy food. A Gen Zer with like, an ounce of discipline and no social media addiction (I don't remember the last time I used anything other than Reddit or Pinterest).

  21. Offended? No. I'm more concerned with whether or not it makes sense within the context of the story. Should they be speaking English? Does their broken English accurately reflect their native language? Have they been studying for a short enough time to justify the mistakes?

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