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  1. He's all talk , no one wins in a nuclear war, he should be Overthrown just for Threatening it.

  2. Did they hit it in the end? Hard to tell but I thought that last one hit across the street and no 'cook off'

  3. Short and sweet with music chosen by someone with a dry sense of humour. Slava Ukrainia!

  4. I've become so desensitised by seeing horrific pictures of corpses over the last year that my first reaction was to feel sorry for the dogs and then the lady who has lost her life. Fk Russia.

  5. I count 10 Ruzzians on that slope then an edit jump to a zoomed out shot when a round hits the top of the slope. Zoom in and there are 2 soldiers visible who are subsequently killed. That first strike in no way vaporized the other 8 so what am I missing here?

  6. Looks like they got blown against the concrete wall where they lay in a crumpled heap. Last few seconds of film.

  7. Fuk that I really want to see a washing machine get dropped on one.

  8. Just close your eyes mate, Belarus is used to turning a blind eye!

  9. Nice clear images, followed (as usual) by filming with a potato from 3 km away at a different angle.

  10. Anyone notice the photo 2nd row from top third photo? Looks like Putin!

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