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  1. Ok reverse ideas (father of4 I do b). Among us, pistol whipped, demeo, bowling, pool. The list is quite long IG.

  2. I bet there are a significant amount of PJs who never find this and get frustrated. No idea why it’s the default

  3. My eldest son used2 always turn the binoculars on 2avoid motion sickness. He never used2 turn them off which I found frustrating.

  4. TDM seems like a training room for squads for people who want to practice combat and not spend time looting and moving and being tactical. I use it to practice a particular gun but it gets boring so quick for me.

  5. Gets boring quickly4 me2. I h8 that it's low on teamwork &big on 'do ur own thing' (similar 2war).

  6. Sounds like they're doin a slow disclosure of themselves 🤞

  7. From a non American, y dose the right h8 China. 2flip that in a synonym type of way, y dose the left h8 Russia while right dosent?

  8. R u sure? Seems like both h8 anticapitalism.

  9. And it looks like we are getting an early present from Big Box on December 14th! 🤫😇

  10. Lol some of us got it earlier than that. Bit like sneak peekin wots under the xmas tree 🎁

  11. Lol took a bit b4 it sunk in. 2many wines IG 🍷

  12. Own RM1& all the Vader's. Imo Vader's r not worth it while RM1 should b more expensive as its a top quality game. Again not played RM2, but from wot I no tiss the betta buy

  13. Well I'm a gnostic so i tend to look at things from a christian view. Therefore I am a flat earther. I dont think anything can break through the firmament. I believe they live here on earth with us.

  14. Lol I'm atheist but accept relious views as uninformed..... but puttin urself on the flat earth Bcause u're gnostic don't make sense 2me. That said, wen I was a kid I was brought up Christian &was religious till about 13yrs old. Science taught me 2break said indoctrination. I believe that ur firmament indoctrination can b broken if u want it 2b.

  15. I think you can believe in religion and science, but yea the flat earth stuff is kinda dumb

  16. Of course some can, Townes, Townes &others 4ex. While Einstein/Tyson were/r agnostic, Hawkins was atheist.

  17. I tried using the WD40 CC but still I suffer from controller drift and I’ve tried placing a ticket and they claim my warranty has expired so I have no idea what to do now

  18. Obviously buy spare part &replace. Stick replacement:

  19. Always use a CC with ur controller's 2help avoid drift/sticky-stuck buttons as a preventative measure. I use wd40 CC and not only is it a gr8 preventative it's also a good fixer.


  21. Nope. Tbh pop1 seems the less toxic game I own but I'd suggest next time, u record their toxic arses (as toxic people r game rekers imo) as backup

  22. Additional information: Peregrine Fredrick Baker’s (more commonly known as Perry The Platypus) body in the morgue. He was found dead in a dumpster behind a reptile store. His killer(s) are still unknown.


  24. I said on YT&instagram last week that I went2 the moon a yr ago, so must b true

  25. OK as previously said, bit hard2 recommended without no'in ur preferences. All I cn suggest is this 54yr olds fav game that my kids also like. If u give game type preference then I cn give more appropriate suggestions.

  26. I think its just on the main screen left of "play online" Scroll over from deathmath towards squads and i think its in the same area as training park.

  27. Is combat trail still there? Went2 warm up about a week ago &didn't c it

  28. Yeah, its in a sub folder to the right of squads. I warm up with the awp in there b4 i play if im gonna run squads when deathmatch isnt avail. 🍻

  29. Wot game r u referring2? Some games have diff apks to run betas while others have a separate app. Never seen a beta switch in the apk

  30. No, DON'T buy from Amazon wen workers r on strike.

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