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Post Game Thread: Minnesota Vikings (9-1) at Buffalo Bills (6-4)

I needed this today

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  1. At least I felt like we still had a chance, that’s more than I could say these past few years

  2. Now this is Dallas stars hockey

  3. If we could kick the shit out of the avalanche that would be great

  4. I believe in magic what about you

  5. Otter doesn’t look up to speed I’ll give him that


  7. I mean, if you're gonna suck, sucking right before Bedard's draft is the way to go.

  8. I don’t just mean this year I mean in the history of team sports

  9. I tuned out y’all are welcome

  10. I’ll take the makeup call

  11. Oh. Are we actually gonna get a F1, Nascar doubleheader?

  12. That’s the look of an unemployed man

  13. Spotty signal in Hochatown but fuck yeah

  14. I don’t think it’s a good move we could in never compete with F1 internationally. I will be blown away if it works

  15. This has been the first nba game I’ve watched in a while, this is wild

  16. Didn’t even have time to post before we got scored on

  17. I will not be getting salmon from ihop thank you

  18. Being a cowboys fan has to be hell

  19. Fuck Minnesota but they are legit

  20. You win these games so you don’t live or die at the end of the regular season

  21. That early goal hurts worse now

  22. Well that’s a kick in the nuts

  23. I really thought Mariota would get a Super Bowl back in the day

  24. Ayyyy my hometown is here for all the wrong reasons

  25. A bad night for Stars hockey, and therefore the world

  26. Wow not even a chance for recreational weed in Arkansas. At least the 60% issue didn’t pass either

  27. Apparently it was a bill that the local marijuana groups didn't support. It only supports the people that already have licenses to sell, not opening it up to anyone that wants to open a business.

  28. I was just worried the 60% issue would pass and we would never get the opportunity again

  29. They’re finally picking my numbers

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