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  1. I'll always love the 9th gens. Wish I had a chance to drive a k-series car

  2. Shows 60% but doesn't show total ram. Asks why his ram consumption is at 60%.

  3. How does anyone know who the guy throwing rocks when no good rock throwers are present?

  4. Maybe because the educated and smart people of the world are tired of living with the hateful, racist and violent types who BURN CROSSES TO INTIMIDATE AND THREATEN OTHERS. For fucks sake, just shut up with the freedom crap already

  5. My god what the hell am I even reading? There are very few moments in life I get to toot my horn but as a male, I fuckin love cleaning and cooking nice meals. That's just basic skills required to be a functioning adult. Wtf.

  6. I had almost that exact conversation 10 years ago with a Haligonian who had never left Nova Scotia but kept trashing Toronto incessantly. I was like man, I get it,give it a rest. And he straight up asked me well what do people in Toronto say about Halifax? I said honestly nobody gives a shit one way or the other, and I saw a piece of him die inside.

  7. I can picture the look on his face lol, must've been a classic

  8. It was Gods plan the whole time even though I wanted the hospital to save her

  9. True god believers sit and do nothing but wait for god to keep them alive. These guys are false believers and sinners!!

  10. Yeah, I mean that seems a little high but you have to remember the Canadian dollar is worth about 30% less compare to US dollar.

  11. How I see it is, there's infinite situations and we live in the one where we exist today, on Reddit, reading or typing this very message. There's no god, just an infinite number of odds.

  12. humans trying to apply human logic to God - who isn’t human, doesn’t work. We don’t need proof. I’m not here to convert you. You’re just here to argue lmao

  13. Honestly, I'd love the AyaNeo but the lack of proper gpu ability is a no go. SD isnt much better. I'll check back in 3 years, hopefully by then, there will be something I can use for a good 5-7 years. How quick Ayaneo keeps churning out revision after revision, I think I'll wait till they settle on a solid combination that forces competition and lower pricing.

  14. At the rate games keep pumping higher graphics, I don't think a portable device will ever come out that can handle the latest gen.

  15. This is the sad truth... I'd be OK with something in this form factor that I can stream games over to from my desktop with 6hrs battery life... that isnt the logitech G thing lol

  16. Last I tried game streaming on my Steam Deck, it was about 4-6 hours depending on the wifi strength, brightness and audio levels. It worked pretty well

  17. These games aren't designed with coop in mind, therefore coop is superfluous and will just decrease the overall length of the game.

  18. It's a two way balance for me. I know what my work is worth and what wage I want. I also know my threshold for what luxuries I can afford or feel like I deserve.


  20. Top SKU is similar to Steam Deck's APU with higher clock speeds and 1/4 of the GPU CUs. I was hoping they'd put out a chip with more GPU compute.

  21. Very cool. Some industry standard UI frameworks could really help VR adoption.

  22. I wish there was a PC release, I'd play this day 1.

  23. You're so wrong...why does everyone equate immigrants with poverty?

  24. The immigrants coming now don't have the same living standards we do. 20 people to a house is fine for them while we can't stand our in-laws. Their buying power even if they all made minimum wage far surpasses the average Canadian family.

  25. You're really ignorant of the realities of immigration and borderline racist. Stop spreading lies and go educate yourself.

  26. It's so easy to call someone racist now isn't it. My family was the same way, we came here and squished. We combined our buying power to get ahead when we couldn't afford things individually. I would never personally do that, and that's what puts Canadians at a disadvantage.

  27. That's so interesting because that's exactly what I wanna do lol

  28. Keep going broski. I sent out upwards of like 2k apps and eventually got some offers. Have to be stubborn in this game lol.

  29. Jesus Christ. I am on my 200thish application and I've spoken to a few recruiters. They all say "we'll get back to you" and ghost lol. I just did a code test and got absolutely slammed. Tough skin is part of the game...

  30. Ergo is already unprofitable to mine, the difficulty just hasn’t adjusted as quickly as the other pow networks

  31. What's causing difficulty to take so long to adjust?

  32. oh yes complete shit show lol. I simply pressed Shut Down on my 3 rigs at about 330am once pos activated, stayed mining until disconnection. havent touched them yet since, and probably wont bother even starting to clean until the weekend. thisll definitely take some serious time to stabilize even a little, imo

  33. I'm doing a full system clean and possibly getting rid of some GPUs like the 3060s and 3070s. I've been shutdown since merge as well, bon voyage lol

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