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  1. Loved it. Think some people don’t like all the white people. Me personally, they do a great job with the show being very accurate to the Baltimore demographic. And of course, there is a large portion of polish people in the city.

  2. This confirms what I thought I knew. Very insightful

  3. I know he’s a rookie but all I can see is this man letting tyreek hill run right by him 😭

  4. I think he had underneath coverage and Hamilton was the one who blew the coverage over top. Not excusing his sorry play though

  5. Great point On Winfield. How long do you think Judge stays productive? It’s a lot different league than when winfield played. Much higher pitching velocity impacts the aging sluggers who have declining bats oeed

  6. The league also has better fitness training, diet regiments, hitting coaches, and better fields.

  7. You really think without steroids and hgh, that players his size will be productive through age 40? I find that hard to believe. Better fitness and diet has not kept up the huge velocity increase in my opinion

  8. When I was 19 I was very stressed..full time student, working full time...and eating the 2 for $1 am/pm burgers or hot dogs. This was 30 years ago. I didn't take care of myself. I got cancer and had to get 9 months of chemo and there were lasting effects that I still deal with. There is no proof of what caused my cancer but I honestly believe it was because I didn't take care of myself like I should have..

  9. What I can't wrap my head around is the Rams won a SB and can still afford Kupp, Donald, Ramsey, Wagner, Higbee, etc.

  10. You listed 5 or so players for both the bills and rams. For the ravens, the players are Lamar, Stanley, Humphrey, Peters, Andrew’s, Williams, Campbell

  11. Listed 6 for the Ravens then mentioned Smith/Williams. The main point here is we're not identifying talent, conditioning our players, or spending as efficiently as other teams out there

  12. I’m not sure why these crazy injuries are happening either. But they moved from turf to grass at the stadium. Revamped their conditioning, practice schedule, have been more conservative after injury with playing time. I know this sounds like a cop out, but I don’t blame them for the injuries.

  13. With all the SS talent that is on this club, Westburg Ortiz Mateo Henderson, could you imagine if Holliday is better than all of them.

  14. One of those years being the pandemic season. Only injured the past 2 seasons


  16. A bunch of small nagging injuries over the past 2**** seasons

  17. Yeah that’s what happens when you throw 98 mph and are on the wrong side of 30. Not saying all the injuries are major, but they add up.

  18. I’ve always found 4Runners to have a very cramped interior for taller people.

  19. Man Elias wasn't joking when he said the team was in win now mode this off-season.

  20. Are you joking? Spending $50k+ on a vehicle is a stupid choice for the vast majority of people. 4Runners hold their value, which makes it slightly less stupid, but it’s still way too much money to spend on a car for most people.

  21. I’m a personal finance guy lol. Love your post

  22. Maybe my favorite character. Just a mess of a dude, but you can tell he knows what he is doing

  23. My husband was born and raised in Warsaw. We met in Warsaw and he didn’t visit US until we started dating. I love Poland and would raise our children there, but income potential for him is so much higher in the US. So for now, 6 months in Poland 6 months in USA 😭😭😭

  24. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. USA has super high potential, but it can be brutal at the lower and lower middle tiers with the health insurance situation.

  25. Seems like you are tough and are battling the best you can.

  26. I'm going 70-30 gro to Lamar. His run plays are great but good god it's the worst route tree I've ever seen. Dude frequently just has two or more guys just standing near each other where one guy can cover all 3. It looks like when I was younger playing Madden on Wii and drawing up random shit to the end zone. Combine that with the awful play calling and you get most of our problems. Lamar's inconsistency is a problem but I'd argue another OC could at least try to help

  27. Very fair. Doesn’t help that 5 passes were dropped either or that the defense got roasted again in the 4th

  28. It's not "equal blame all around". We have refused to adapt to the modern game and have 2 playoff wins in a decade. This puts us in the bottom half of the league.

  29. I never said it was equal. I just said there is plenty of blame. In addition to what I listed, there were a ton of drops, a fumble by gus and some piss poor corner play

  30. Just give me one that makes sense and isn't contradicted by the statistics shown. Only explanation right now is that the coach is trying to reinstate bowser, although that still doesn't explain why they put JPP in over Houston.

  31. Houston got overworked in the beginning of the season and then got hurt. I think they are trying to limit his work load a bit.

  32. a private eye in Baltimore. Still detecting, still drinking. Still very good at what he does.

  33. Either that or a school custodian. Living a simple happy life, not worried about anything. No drinking.

  34. Either a drunk mess or a solid stepdad. No in between

  35. Yeah I hope he cleaned up his act. He was a real mess

  36. And Reddit is right. OP have limited info, and based on that, they have zero need for an SUV. A sedan is way better here, especially a hybrid.

  37. Agreed. People assume that short people need massive SUVs. Most of the world drives small cars. No one needs a big car. And most can’t afford a big car.

  38. Not great. Especially after inflation hit hard.

  39. Why are they all so large and ugly? I’d Thera actually a demand on these ??

  40. Yes very possible. Now do you want to lock yourself to a house at such a young age is the question

  41. GDP x Population = Win Chance (if all conditions are met)

  42. The bigger surprise was the Greek talking to Marlo and then accepting him as a Joe substitute.

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