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  1. Mate, move on with your game, you'll get some failed actions in quests, it's no big deal and using a console command to change it doesn't really change anything. Noone is looking at your failed quest steps so you're just lying to yourself.

  2. I’ve beat the game before, it’s just a personal goal to have every possible quest fully finished with no pesky red x’s I was doing so good and don’t wanna go all the way back.

  3. I get it, I'm a lil compulsive that way too, but I fixed them doing a replay not console commands

  4. A turbo battle probably isn't the best round to show. Stop using the assists and learn some combos.

  5. Skellige is the best deck and you are using a terrible strategy.

  6. What would be a better one? Next playthrough I'd love to have an easier and more enjoyable time of it!

  7. Avoid berserkers and mushrooms they're too codependent so you need a lot of luck in the draw. The tight bond ships, Cerys and the maidens, Olaf, Oligerd and the dragon, the medic, Yen, Ciri and Geralt, mysterious elf. The leader to revive the graveyard to your hand. Strategy is to play a 3 round game and win the third round when you get 2 free cards revived. Play your weaker cards in round 1 then play the leader. Play your best cards in round 2 and you get to use them again in round 3.

  8. 50 hours is pretty short. Also, doesn't armour king have an i10 jab the same as every other character. Sounds like you are trying to interrupt with the wrong tools or at the wrong time. Or maybe AK isn't meant to be played that way I dunno I don't play him. Under pressure all characters have the same options, back dash, side step, duck highs, parry lows, I think you need more experience and match up knowledge not a new main.

  9. Hwoarang's comes out of a stance so is a bit unique. To balance this slow start up, as already said, his is the safest RA in the game, a mid with pushback and not punishable.

  10. It's whatever you've practiced, I do JFSR for Hwoarang and mostly the shortened version of Kaz's EWGF so I find adding the d v difficult. Omen's are easier.

  11. Idk why but I also noticed that the lets play gwent dialogue option remains white even after I have beaten the merchant. I did multiple tests thru every region and even tested it out on a different console with the same result. I found 2 other posts of people saying the same thing about their playthroughs aswell. I changed the brightness, color, hue, everything to see if maybe it was such a slight color change and I was just missing it but I am 100% certain that no change in color occurs on the dialogue option after a merchant is played regardless if you win or lose. Maybe this is unique to Xbox or the GotY addition? I didn't test it on different gwent difficulty settings so that's also a possibility. I have 2 cards left from "players of no renown or skill" and I've gone all over skellige(because I skipped more merchant's in skellige than the other 3 regions) and won around 20 matches so far without getting a new card. I'm curious if some cards merchant won cards are region specific even tho the gwent book doesn't specify.

  12. I also play Xbox and there's no change. I think it must be different if you are on PC. For players of no renown you can also buy the cards, if you're not having any luck finding a player you haven't played already. Try the merchant in claywich after you rescue him as a person in distress. Or the Merchant on Faroe also sells cards.

  13. Well you tried df33 once and she blocked the low so in a panic you tried it again and the same thing happened again...

  14. Tang sou dao a branch from Tang soo doo the art of Terry Silver the villain from Cobra Kai. Did it seriously for 10 years when I was younger. Don't get much of a chance to train anymore. TSD is related to TKD so of course I play Hwoarang.

  15. Difficult to help you if you don't say what rank you are. Also, who do you play?

  16. Witcher player discovers little known secret chest in rarely visited area of the game.

  17. Steve with the obnoxiously large gloves really annoys me

  18. Said it before, Kazumi is also just boring AF to play and to play against, especially at the highest level, df1, df1, df1 braindead. No beginner should be made to endure that.

  19. Complained about the noise in my hotel room, got a free breakfast, win.

  20. The mad thing, I've worked in these type of jobs, is Micheal doesn't give a fiddlers about honey.

  21. Picking up an item from one shelf, then putting it back just one shelf down. Drives me nuts. Especially when they have to go to more effort to put it back in the wrong place. Seriously what's up with that?

  22. My son does this at home, but he's only 1 year old so it's just amusing

  23. Intentionally demoted a bunch of characters I figured I might play in the future to stop them ranking up so if I ever do play them I don't end up getting destroyed for ages

  24. I am forced to rank up Lili & Law to wherever DVJ is at because i didn't knew about auto promos.

  25. Once you've been demoted that character no longer gets auto promotion so is left behind as per OP pic.

  26. So we're just stealing the comments from the joke about stealing a man's wallet from 2 hrs ago then...

  27. Looking at your other posts it sounds like you're bored in your career and trying to inject some fun into your life with DIY/Investing/gambling. I love a good gamble as much as the next guy but don't be thick and take out a loan to do it, you have a steady income, use that and that alone.

  28. It wouldn't be cancelled and I doubt you have a good reason to believe so

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