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  2. I bought a bellows from lesbrew, and didn’t think it was very good since beans would popcorn up and get stuck in the entrance to the grind chamber. I think this is exactly what I need to make it work right.

  3. Well I had exactly the same issue and this is why I decided to design this :)

  4. Maybe verify that they are using the proper water for they extractions

  5. You can also look into the Mokka a dwarf mutant of the Bourbon variety and looks similar in many ways to the low-caf Laurina variety.

  6. Makes sense then, I don’t doubt it’s worth the price to someone especially if it’s competition quality. Do you know how often does variety pops up and from what regions?

  7. Sensible is the auction organization and if you subscribe you can receive the newsletter.

  8. iKawa if you want to press a button and be able to do something else meanwhile. My brother owns the original 50g model, while I am a Bullet owner. Otherwise the Kaffelogic seems to be the new boy in town, but I haven't tried it.

  9. Because of my fear of this happening, I upgraded the bed to smooth flexible PEI and I also paid the extra $ for a high end filament. But even then, I still have nightmares of this little firestarter of a printer. (Don't Google image '3D printer fire')

  10. Since it's hard to tell from these notes, the percentages here are about how much these factors influence sensory characteristics of the coffee. There is some actual science behind them. (I worked with Morten on the SCAA/SCAE unification, which is the only reason I can make sense of those notes.) In other words, if you don't like what you're getting out of the coffee, the easiest change to make is to roast the coffee lighter or darker. If you've got the coffee in the ballpark you want for roast level and still think there's room for improvement, changing time after first crack gets you your next easiest change.

  11. The % represents the importance it has on the final result and to do consistent roasts.

  12. For a dark roast I would try to stay in this zone : Max time = 14m (1C = 10m, DT = 4m) (Based on my class with Rob Hoos)

  13. Morten Münchow from Coffee Mind has probably the most scientific approach of roasting that I know. You can listen to his podcasts before to have an idea.

  14. I know its a joke, but the fact that you now have to individually sort the beans gives me anxiety.

  15. You could make a diy de-stoner with a vacuum cleaner, using weight difference to separate them

  16. No not this level. Just some Swiss gangster countryside rats. Should be manageable 🤞🏼

  17. It's a 🐀 year. They are everywhere. We are preparing the offensive.

  18. Bullet R1. Great community and shared profiles in the cloud. I love mine.

  19. Ok ok. So if he can wait for the 110V edition of this one below it might be a good deal in his price range.

  20. but their small batch offerings are like... super expensive?

  21. Yep. Only the cream of the crop. Exotic, experimental and competition mostly.

  22. yeah... I was thinking of doing a group by... but... trying to plan out like -- 60kg is... lol. a lot of coffee.

  23. Interesting I was wondering exactly the same this morning with my latest roast of a Colombian Castillo at City+

  24. Thanks guys. I have finally bit the bullet and got myself R1 v2, the guy I got it from had never used it at all. So it brand new second hand 😂.

  25. Just use RoastTime. Download, plug and play. As simple as that. Welcome to the Bullet gang!

  26. I must have downloaded the wrong vision as it says roasters not connected. I'll try again later and see. Thanks

  27. Break it open. More stories to tell based on what the inner bean looks like.

  28. My brother owns the original 50g iKawa so I can compare pretty well. Since I have the Bullet the iKawa is just taking dust. We might use it in the future for competition beans sampling.

  29. I find the bullet is great at lower loads as well. Even down to 250g. You can really experiment. But it all takes time..

  30. Why did you want to downgrade from the Bullet?

  31. I only did the pressure (OPV) and the boiler's thermostat reduction on one 2012 Gaggia Classic. I have a second machine where I will do the full Gaggiuino mod :)

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