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  1. I looked up when this released cus 1987 didn’t seem right and and DCUniverse Infinite say it was released in 2005, but several, and I mean a LOT of other online sources say it came out in 1987. So here I am still confused as to when this came out

  2. Making him an edgy anti-hero vigilante who still uses guns yet still is allowed to hang out with Batman and company for crossovers is completely ridiculous. He should have stayed a villain.

  3. Makes me wonder why he never teamed up with the likes of Batwoman or huntress [Unless Huntress doesn't kill, I'm not all too familiar to who Huntress is all I know is that she's the daughter of Bruce and Selina in another world]

  4. Can anyone guide me on how to read the ultimate series is there any other tie-in or spin off apart from ultimates 1-2-3? I would love a guide.

  5. Liked it and remembered the Episode where Spider-Man appeared and reamed up with cap

  6. This is the page that made me love Ultimates 2. I hated the first book for how militaristic and mean-spirited it was as a result of the grounding in contemporary politics. This, however, was basically the first step towards redeeming the Ultimates as a team and getting them much closer to the Avengers.

  7. Agreed while I didn't like ultimates volume 1 and 2 there were alot of things I liked about it and I could see why people liked it but ultimates 3 and ultimatum aside from Maybe the art there wasn't anything I liked about either and showed the worst of the ultimate universe I understand Jeph Loeb lost his son but the stories are still bad

  8. Also that’s two Peters from two different universes, so clearly it’s scary in all realities.

  9. Peter had the Dog in him even at age 15, I believe he's 15 at this time of the Ultimate Universe.

  10. Unlikely but i hope we get to see this side of Spider-Man more often from future mcu apperances

  11. I never knew Armored Adventures adapted Extremist, because of that I choose Iron Man 3

  12. I love everything Bachalo. Sometimes his panels are a bit too tight, giving his art an occasionally claustrophobic feel, but he designs are wild, layouts are energetic, and his style just pops.

  13. I usually describe his panels as Bombastic and Chaotic as their always so much going on in one panel to the next but it's so fun

  14. Seeing seeing Hulk being drawn by Bryan hitch will forever make me think ultimate Hulk

  15. Why did he need to blind him for her to bubble his head?

  16. Because getting rid of the bubble is the least of his problems if he can't see

  17. It says issue 12 - 13, the first 3 pages are from issue 12 the rest is issue 13

  18. What year did it come out? I'm just curious to see how it compares with MCU Avengers

  19. I love how this man wears it with such a focused look on his face

  20. "Evil Sandman never returned to the Earth, he became half-mineral, half-animal and floated forever through space. And though he wished for death. he was unable to die. So eventually, he stopped thinking..."

  21. I can't really describe my feelings well enough about it, other than it's Pretty ReReadable with a good emotional highlights and action

  22. Does edge of time even count? It felt like a crossover between Amazing Spider-Man and 2099 more than Spider-Verse

  23. It really did want to be The Boys before The Boys was a thing.

  24. I loved the beginning of his run. I has to cut it from the pull list because of my budget, but those first few issues with...I wanna say The People of Tomorrow? I forget the name of the group, the one that was led by Maker, that was some great action.

  25. I just always assumed they strategically outsmart the Flash or use his speed against

  26. The less we talk about Jeph loeb's Ultimatum the less I'm gonna force myself to read it

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