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  1. Okay, I'm confused. I've had multiple accounts for years... what's new about this?

  2. This is an all new version of Outlook Desktop that is currently in preview and having multiple new features added on a regular basis. Eventually this version will replace the current desktop version, however I don't believe there's a timeframe for this and they have a long way to go to bring it up to feature parity with the current desktop build.

  3. Right so this version of outlook desktop didn't have multiple accounts but Outlook application does?

  4. Correct, early builds of this just appeared to be the Web based version wrapped up in an installable version. Now they are adding extra features.

  5. Cost per page. That’s a nope from me.

  6. Sorry to hijack your comment but reading the pricing guide it says it's per job rather than per page, is that a recent change?

  7. You have 20 years of emails in That's impressive and completely unnecessary lol

  8. Try your hand at PowerApps it's like a cloud based modern version of Access (that's seriously underselling PowerApps)

  9. If you wanna put the problem off but simultaneously make your life way better, just get a smart IR blaster and control it from your phone. Might be easier or at least an interim to sending it in for warranty.

  10. Thanks for the suggestion, we already have Sensibo's but we're selling and I want to take them with me!

  11. kind of wondering what info I gave wrong to get the thumbs down :)

  12. You're suggesting the Home version of Microsoft 365 for an organisation that explicitly states they handle confidential information.

  13. Correct, OneDrive does not back up in the traditional sense. It synchronises folders on your computer with the cloud.

  14. I'm not sure why you want to do this, the point of the encryption is to make sure the email is going to who it's intended and no one else, which is why the one time code is used, if they don't have Office 365 (if they do it's decrypted automatically but can't be forwarded, etc.).

  15. i’m buying this and making that weird back side outdoor fan area into a racquetball court brb

  16. I assume you also have some device configuration policies configured… these would be deployed to the device when the device phase starts… i also assume the intune management extension service is still active on the device at that point in time

  17. We have device configuration policies, but nothing specifically for this device as opposed to any of the other devices that do work.

  18. Thats why i asked if there were some device policies configured :)… maybe trying to exclude that device from some policies and try again… to pinpoint the one that is causing it

  19. Thanks, for some unknown and frustrating reason it started working. I'm resetting it again now to see if it works straight through again. If successful I'll try tomorrow behind the corporate firewall to see if something funky is going on!

  20. I have successfully installed Powershell on my Mac via Homebrew, but I can't figure out how to authenticate Powershell with my exchange account. Nothing seems to be working. Ugh

  21. As well as logging out of Teams as already suggested, you could also add a new User to the Family PC (

  22. 1 SharePoint supports Check In/Check Out as well as Major/Minor versioning. However it's an older way of managing file versions, nowadays it's co-authoring like Google does. OneDrive (assuming we're talking the business version) is a individuals personal SharePoint site it has restrictions such as no check in/out.

  23. In the linked article, the author points out that the current build of Outlook One (Microsoft’s replacement for the current Outlook app) does not support multi-account functionality at this point and would be adding that later.

  24. The whole point of insiders builds is to give early access to builds and gather feedback throughout the development process.

  25. 1- yeah but all of those have MFA enabled so shouldnt they just auto move to MA which is gonna ask the user for their username and password and MFA method ?

  26. Follow the guidance on the blog posts linked to earlier, you can look at the Sign in logs in Azure AD which will tell you who is logging in using what protocol. Outlook should use MA if it can so there's something in your tenant or Outlook config stopping it happening.

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