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  1. This was me with the “Birth is a curse and existence is a prison” thing

  2. I liked the one who ate a whole role of toilet paper a day. Or the women who went bald pulling out her hair and eating the patches she ripped out. What's up with people just eating random shit? Think there was another where some women enjoyed eating sand??

  3. Did you know about the twist beforehand or not? I did and I’ve always envied the people who didn’t lol

  4. It came out at the peak of Minecraft cringe culture so that contributed to it

  5. His Letterbox review for the film is something among the lines “I can’t think of a film that gets better and better with each viewing to this extent”

  6. I read the books he's not he's with his lovely wife and kids running a restaurant In Auradon.

  7. The reason why ending one’s existence was portrayed positively is because, beforehand, they got to do literally everything they ever wanted in every way they wanted to do it, with all the time they needed to do it. It’s a positive reframing of humanity’s innate fear of oblivion that encourages the audience to do the things they want to do before they die. Going through the Door is not suicide. Suicide is caused by dissatisfaction in one’s life. Going through the Door is caused by satisfaction, a kind of satisfaction that one could never achieve in a mortal lifespan. It’ll probably take Bearimies upon Bearimies to reach that point, but once you do, you’ll be allowed to leave peacefully because there is, in all wholesome positivity, no reason to stay.

  8. Not watched the show for a while, but if I recall correctly, they spend hundreds of years in the good place. I think one of them spends over a thousand?

  9. They stayed there for roughly 3,231 Bearimies. How long a Bearimy lasts is left ambiguous (and, who knows, maybe a Bearimy doesn’t always last the same amount of time. Would be one of the least confusing things about it lol) but a singular Bearimy is most definitely much longer than any human lifespan on Earth. I’m pretty sure the main timeline of the show took place within a single Bearimy, and that was a third of a millennium.

  10. I’ve always loved that episode, seeing Michael bond with Eleanor and be delighted by human stuff is adorable

  11. Someone once made a joke that this is what Hit the Target saw when Stampy burned him to death

  12. They sound like dwarf names; so does Dizzy. Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, etc..... Squeaky, Squirmy, and Dizzy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. I mean Mal is the only VK who has both parents confirmed, so that question kind of goes for everybody.

  14. D1, it has the best and most cohesive plot IMO, plus it’s very nostalgic

  15. I just wanna know what happened to my jesse and petra after they ran away together:(

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