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Twins born from embryos frozen 30 years ago

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  1. il·leg·i·ble. What even is the point?

  2. Some of my oldest colonists were getting old so I mass produced embryos for them. "Sass" is their first born daughter, she had a happy childhood with maximal growth tier... but when she turned 16 she was immediately implanted with one of the leftover embryos and stuck in a vat until she's 18 and quite possibly ready to give birth to her own sibling. Normal vanilla stuff.

  3. That essay was them being nice trying to drive some sense through your thick skull. Most of us would have been content telling you how much shit you suck.

  4. It’s easy being a tourist and seeing what they want you to see.

  5. I heard even N.Korea has a nice beaten path for the not-too-curious tourist.

  6. Big atom is such an hilarious well-though oxymoron.

  7. Americans don’t fund elections. companies do.

  8. Cop that catfished a teenager, killed three of her family members, and then kidnapped her before dying in a shootout.

  9. "There is no room in the republican party for the republican party" lol wot?

  10. I don’t understand why is this downvoted lol

  11. Ya I think that's a fair assessment. It's also why populism is so successful.

  12. "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong."

  13. "Love at first sigh, son. We were in a huge crowd, saw each other and knew it was meant to be."

  14. Contrary to popular belief, the sun is actually good for your skin and your mood, Just depends on how much of it and what time of day you expose Bare skin to sunlight. Fun fact, if bros expose their genitalia to open sunlight for 10 minutes a day increases testosterone over 200% but It’s funny how skin care companies, and sunscreen companies push that the sun gives you cancer just so you could buy their products… just like supposedly milk is good for your bones and fluoride is good for your teeth 😂😂

  15. Are you one of those "the en d of man" weirdos or one of the New age "tan my taint and butthole" weirdos? 'Cus those seem to be the only ones to believe that shit.

  16. He's so ashamed about his closeted gayness. I know lots of gay people don't like when you accuse assholes like this of being secretly gay but come on.

  17. As a representative of the straight community, we don’t want him either.

  18. Right wingers are immune. Why would someone come here and do this to us?

  19. A colander. Seems like the proper word for a group of hole. That or a swiss-cheesing/ gruyereworth of assholes.

  20. given the fact that in the USA, we will have a shortage of workers to support the economy given the large numbers of boomers retiring...

  21. If they are forced to get back to square one and entry level jobs they might be humbled by the experience. Plus, restoring youth is likely to restore the brain's plasticity, which I suspect might play a significant role in old people tending toward specific stereotypes, no matter the generation.

  22. Can you imagine your entitled average boomer getting back on today's job market. That would be some orgasm inducing amount of schadenfreude.

  23. Conceived before "the game" existed, born after people got rid of that stupid mind virus.

  24. Commenting on any aspect of this video is like talking a walk through a minefield full of barbed wire, deadly snakes and crocodiles with laser beams on their head. I’m gunna sit this one out.

  25. Actual wisdom? On the internet? Well I never!

  26. Hate to break it to you, but literally all news is biased.

  27. Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky is a good read about that for those who care to understand the actual mechanisms instead of going down dumb conspiracists rabbit holes.

  28. The problem isn't the age. The problem is aging like milk instead of wine.

  29. Creepyposting at teenagers and having a 19 year old girlfriend are not similar.

  30. If you really are 45, the legality of the later is highly dependent on your jurisdiction... so yeah, not similar. One might be actually criminal behavior.

  31. What mod is that? Seems useful to see the map before landing.

  32. Planaria die if they are killed!

  33. Strangely neither of those animals is as cute as this one

  34. More woke bs every time I get on Reddit

  35. If you want reactionnary right wing boomer shit, Facebook is still there for you.

  36. As you are, I was; as I am, you will be. What was will be!

  37. Not by mistreating the guy's genitals like that they won't!

  38. Call it whatever you like, it's not dancing though.

  39. Have you never heard of the quiverfull movement?

  40. Je farte, tu fartes, il/elle/on farte, nous fartons, vous fartez, ils/elles fartent

  41. That is a very accurate conjugation of a nonsense word.

  42. Yes, gender is imaginary and sex is real..... oh no this is reddit, it's the other way around.

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