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  1. I didn't like it until recently because I didn't like how Ace was characterized. He's not very relatable and doesn't really feel like the main character compared to Keiwa. But now that we are getting a bit more character/backstory for Ace other than the fact that he's amazing at the DGP, I'm starting to get into it more. I'm not a fan of the suits this season, that being that no one really has their own individuality other than their mask. It's very different from past Kamen Riders, which is good, but I think it's a bit slow in terms of story but I'm here for it and we'll see how it continues

  2. First of all. Yeah because that’s who Geats meant to be. Second off, have you play any battle royal game? If you have, did you notice you don’t get your own individual skin until you play the game or buy it?

  3. That can be who Geats is meant to be, but imo it offers very little in terms of character, development, and kind of makes him an edge lord. Keiwa seems to be the better character as he is more relatable, and the series seemed to have focused on him more over Ace in the beginning. This is an odd way of storytelling, but I'm here for it and willing to give it a shot. Yes, I've played battle royal games, but that doesn't mean I have to like the rider suits. I'd prefer more individuality, and im sure they will get there, but I'm just not a fan.

  4. Like I said. That’s the point. The default was meant to be blank

  5. With no prep time? Black Widow, Spidey, maybe Daredevil.

  6. Counter Counter Couter argument: Ben didn’t retract his back spike in

  7. But Tetramands aren't similar to animals though unlike the other 2, could mention Attea and Bullfrag though as Incursions are very frog like.

  8. Tamamo was very slizzy individual too or do you want me to remind you of summer 1

  9. Lelouch also have prep dude. Metric button of explosives in the bat cave also. Alfred exist

  10. You should stop hitting the omnitrix so hard, it mess up with the transformation time.

  11. Illiya: Unfortunately, we can’t find representative from Germany so we hired the local Irish instead

  12. Everyone : We might have a chance in this. To make the world a better pla-

  13. When Superman does it., everyone cheer. When I do it, they jeer with threat

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