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  1. Yea cause it’s smart to wait till 2 months away to request off for those 2 holidays lol.

  2. They play in KC that Sunday gonna try to catch that nuggets vs Celtics game Sunday though

  3. Yikes, y’all must get a small amount of orders?

  4. Yep got folks that got off 3 hours ago, still in pick walks and etc. another fucked day smh. Not to mention the slow handhelds

  5. Yep🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. Figured it out. Works with “Digital Tmat” now.

  7. Our store is fortunate, I'm well aware, because of our cap team leads and especially our overnight coach. They can and most times will make or break your ftpr. Ours are willing to help and realize that our metrics absolutely 100 percent affect the whole store. No one wants company from market coming. Our store manager is also 100 percent behind opd, this makes all the difference in the world. Develop a STRONG relationship with your sm. They will be cautious of who they allow to work your department and they will hold coaches accountable. Use your voice, this is something I can't stress enough. If your pickers are shouting from the mountain tops that they are having to move mountains to find items, then you shout it from the mountain tops to other team leads and coaches and your store manager. Your pickers are an enormously valuable source of information, use their complaints to investigate issues. Be prepared with your metrics and notes from your investigations of issues so you can speak on them with hard data to back you up. Be timid and you will fail. I can't stress that enough. You now own opd , which in turn means you have ownership of every aspect of the store. Be straightforward in expressing your needs, wants, and issues. Leave no wiggle room.... I can be firm, but my team knows to do their jobs and I have prepared each of them to do it correctly. Our ftpr this week is slightly over 97 percent.

  8. Not really being able to make people come to work but you and your coach or store manager can work on a schedule that people show up for work. I had that problem people would call out cause not enough workers and too many picks just gotta keep ur head on a swivel and roll with the flow. Ftpr on the other hand just make sure your pickers taking the time they need to find the product and getting everything first time around so that way it can boost ur ftpr also don’t and pick walks early or skip.

  9. Thanks. And we had that problem a lot with call in because of too many call ins.

  10. Fail the assessment if you haven't already (you can do it now I believe for tomorrow) follow the instructions on the assessment after you fail it will tell you what to do. I had to call out the first day and use ppto you may have to do the same . Just update Sedgwick with your results when you get them. If you have any questions I'm sure others can answer better than I .

  11. “Why y’all ain’t consolidating these fucking exceptions??”

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