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  1. My daughter informed me that obtaining a degree is passé these days with regard to getting a job and she’ll have to do another couple years afterwards. Ca-ching!

  2. I don’t understand how this works. Who wants to hang out at a clinic and get high? It seems like a huge buzz killer.

  3. My daughter at the age of 16 would witness people coming out of the washroom at the DQ she worked after injecting themselves. It was a warm and safe place for them to do so as it was a single bathroom. The real scary part was when they locked themselves in for a couple hours, they’d have to call paramedics and cops in.

  4. Yup. They are entirely reliant on it, and it allows the province to scale back their funding.

  5. They shoukd improve the flow then if they're actually concerned about the traffic. Only reason there is any is because the lights don't match up. At night, whatever, during rush hour? There's no room to speed down a straight away of all green lights anyways

  6. This non story being carried by every media outlet raises doubts about their credibility.

  7. I think I saw someone’s garbage bin on sale in Toronto for 50 thousand. 🙄

  8. The nurses going into school today will be entering the workforce MAYBE by the time this hospital is finished. There is an incredibly insufficient trickle of new nurses starting their education right now. The new nurses training today will be nowhere near enough to counter our current shortage, which is accelerating. We will be shutting down hospitals due to unsafe nurse to patient ratios by the time this hospital is complete if we don't make nursing a more attractive career.

  9. BlogTO is such garbage, this headline isn't even remotely true - can we please have some kind of local policy regarding their constantly misleading headlines? They're posted here frequently enough that I think it's a reasonable suggestion.

  10. So a company just has to outline their policy. Probably will include ‘and at any time as required’. And since when are people barred from seeking other employment? Having a tough time seeing any value in this ‘law’.

  11. They never were. Non-compete causes were almost 100% unenforceable already in Ontario. There were very few edge cases where the courts actually upheld them but for just about everyone, non-compete clauses weren't worth the paper they were printed on.

  12. Using StarSan to sanitize everything after washing. Jars, lids, weights and spraying the jar just before sealing. Fill air lock with sanitizer/distilled water solution. Use rubber gloves when loading/handling.

  13. Ask for more covid money for highways

  14. It's already incorporated in reserve fund studies, just like rehabilitation/replacement of elevators, fire suppression system, roof, repaving, underground refurbishment, balconies, those aren't surprises

  15. Not necessarily, a friend’s mother is looking at a $30,000 (each unit) bill to replace windows in her condo apartment building. True it should have been forecasted, but it wasn’t.

  16. No worries, Doug has identified the problem and is tackling it. Once the municipalities get off their butts and issue permits pronto, we will have houses coming out of our ears!

  17. I have to wonder if there is data that supports Ford’s claims? Without data, this is old man yelling at the clouds stuff and placing the blame on others.

  18. Notably, the individuals who tested positive had traveled from Nigeria, NOT one of the countries subject to the travel ban enacted on Friday.

  19. My dad had to run into the bay from the waiting room at CT while getting new tires put on as the ‘mechanic’ was raising his truck with the jack under the gas tank.

  20. We did put up some insulation in the basement. We have a contractor friend who is gonna come take a look at a few other spots and such to see.👍

  21. I remember a music show on a local station (CityTV in Toronto, The New Music) where one of the hosts (I believe Daniel Richler) was over the top about getting to interview his idol Lou Reed. In short, Lou was a rude a-hole during the interview, the interviewer was extremely disillusioned.

  22. "We have tried nothing, and we're all out of ideas!"

  23. “We got the kids back in school, did our job. The school boards failed us, along with teachers wanting to use better protection. We told Covid not to infect others at schools, and our data shows it complied.”

  24. Exactly it won’t work to just restrict from outbreak area. It probably is already here anyways.

  25. But is it the outbreak area? Or is it the area that has sophisticated methods that supports early detection of a variant? There is news of it popping up in other countries.

  26. Huh, must be regional. Costco gas Oshawa is never open before 9 am everyday. But Costco Windsor (based on your flair) opens at 6:30. Crazy.

  27. Yup, the level of construction knowledge on site is hot garbage.

  28. I am in the trades. There is NO shortage of trades workers.

  29. It’s like the minimum wage is being used as a baseline these days and skill/knowledge be damned.

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