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  1. They really had to change the racist into a white guy? Why can't we have this one be unique like the real racist shooter of the Brooklyn Subway?

  2. That guy loves to insult fat people for some reason. Just look at his comment history.

  3. It’s not an exaggeration too. The UK’s definition of rape is that there must be a penetration with a penis.

  4. I was sedating gators near Lagras. I got one in the swamp and had to lasso it to land. Some random player came by and in the most southern accent went: “Well folks, she’s dragging a gator. You don’t see those everyday.”

  5. Just 100%’d the main game pretty much and was interested in how “welcoming” the online community generally is? I played a little when online was first introduced and it was basically people just riding around killing you for no reason. How much do people really just leave you alone and let you be in the online game?

  6. Crazy how you’re trying to portray yourself as the

  7. Just give the guy a ban hammer already. He’s been on a vendetta against this community ever since Kiddions made a fair point that hurt his feelings.

  8. This was posted 2 days ago. The popular one was posted a few hours ago…

  9. And has apparently been removed? I can't see it anymore. 👍🏻

  10. It’s literally the first thing on this sub if you turn on “hot”

  11. menu.add_action("Unlock M16", function() globals.set_int(262145+32775, 1) end)

  12. Will I be able to keep the m16 permanent or temporarily with this?

  13. I’ll never understand Reddit, 40k upvotes and 10 awards for a vid of someone trying food and not liking it?

  14. The amount of bullshit excuse they make up for Aisha is insane. “She doesn’t have a body of a normal girl, she matures faster.” Fuck this stupid religion.

  15. Bro you skipped the whole middle east

  16. I quit watching a few seasons ago and I guess I won't come back anytime soon. I miss stories with randos.

  17. It's almost not even a man in power anymore. With all these extremely high-level busts, I'm half expecting the squad to investigate God next season.

  18. Maybe investigate Zeus. We all know he can’t keep it in his pants.

  19. is there another way to abbreviate kilometers/hour? i'm american and not super familiar with metric, but do some countries abbreviate it differently?

  20. Yes. Some use the regular km/h or kmh. Others, like me use kph, which means the exact same thing. But apparently I pissed off some people because they can’t accept the fact kph is an abbreviation of Kilometers Per Hour.

  21. How else are we supposed to abbreviate that?

  22. Look down at the comments. Morons start insulting me for using kph.

  23. that trick people use to play "privately" on console, does that affect other stuff on PS4? like, watching youtube, playing other online games etc?

  24. YouTube no, but the other games, I’m not too sure about that.

  25. Does anyone know if limited time clothing will come back ?

  26. I seriously cannot stand the by standards watching as women get beat right in front of them. Dont grab the womans hand who is being pulled by her hair into a bathroom, attack the fucking menace of a man and detain him for punishments. Ffs china are women even people in your eyes

  27. Some of these scums that you see have connections to triads and government officials. Unlike the US, mobs can still get away with crimes. Look at the Yakuza in Japan or the Mafia in Italy, they’re still around doing the same horrendous shit that would’ve gotten you a life sentence if it was America.

  28. I’m confused, why aren’t they beating the shit out of him once she ran away?

  29. Possible ties to triads or a high power person is also a factor. Unlock the US, other countries still have mobs that can get away with crime and will seek revenge if you interfere.

  30. If they decide to ditch the current style of humor for being offensive it would be better to make a more serious GTA than water down the humor and make it unfunny/uninteresting

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