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  1. Answer: one of their members , who has made it his schtick of saying he's married to portray that he loves his wife so much, has been fired for having an affair with an employee.

  2. Why is that such a big deal? Is there some form of abuse of power?

  3. agreed!!!! someone told me that this was a podcast about DND and that spoiled that it wasn’t about my favorite manian devil!!!

  4. Not sure if I look forward to it or not. The second season was unfortunately overall a dissapointment for me and it left me...indifferent towards this show's future.

  5. Yeah I'm only returning if they bring back the weird and goofy shit and focus on the smaller stories.

  6. How is the game content/gameplay wise? Is there enough new stuff compared to the first game? I really want to play it but i don't want to get it in early access just to find out it's slime rancher 1 with nicer looking slimes

  7. I've played it and it feels exactly like that. But then again, it's a sequel so...

  8. Oh, it's not documentary? I straight up skipped it since I've heard so much bad from Netflix docs for misrepresenting facts...

  9. I got downvoted to hell and bullied on another post for saying that, while entertaining, it was cheesy, somewhat cringy and not even close to being the best film to come out of India last year.

  10. For me it did what Marvel films aim for. Great action, good story, funny and it had heart. Popcorn movie at its best.

  11. That movie was scared to show us elvis eating pounds of food and doing enough drugs to kill a rhino so they tried to blame us a moviegoing audience in 2022 for the death of a man whose been gone damn near half a century. Fuck you tom hanks

  12. Sounds like he almost convinced you. Brilliant work, T. Hanks, as always.

  13. Curious, what do you think one would need? I presume VPN isn't enough to hide since your IP can be (is?) stored somewhere.

  14. It's highly unlikely they'll be showing the same ad in every country. The most logical thing is to have local sales teams to deal with each region.

  15. And Netflix can just copy the Google/YouTube model where you choose region and other identifying stuff to target the exact group you want.

  16. By verbally, Vart means that he thinks the same way the people in Matrix movies see the binary code on computers. He's really just faking it, they're really just ones and zeros, there's really nothing there but random noice.

  17. I don't hate it...? Except the clip, that was left inside the basket for some reason.

  18. A building with windows and a green screen

  19. I know this is the perfect place for tech advice but I got the free Ubisoft+ month and started playing AC Valhalla.

  20. She'll definitely perform again. One last tour would sell crazy well I bet.

  21. There seems to be two thoughts on this. They are trying to get you to move out or trying to control you.

  22. Hmm, doesn’t he have 2 children? There’s a clear favorite apparently

  23. Well to be fair second one usually ruins siblings' podcast empire.

  24. I'm the opposite with hearing spoilers, if I hear something I didn't want to know my mind repeats it every 30 minutes and makes sure I don't forget it

  25. Me too usually. That's why I try not to react to those spoilers and just let them slip by and hopefully out of my mind.

  26. Dear bot, you're way too technical and a very bad teacher. I have no idea what you're speaking about and how to prevent myself from sharing such links.

  27. If you see the link you shared it contains two things: Google's amp part and then the actual link to the article. Amp link supposedly can load faster but it also goes through Google's servers, giving them information about anyone who uses the link.

  28. But how can I? I'm on mobile on a webpage that I wanna share I copy paste the only url I have. Is this bot fighting against google links?

  29. Well bot is doing that for you if you aren't able to find the link in a specific page but also if you directly click the share link button on the article page it gives you direct link to the article, without amp.

  30. Apparently he owed (maybe owes) the irs some money. It also appears that he became a born again Christian and will no longer use harsh language. He also turned down a ton of roles. I hope Chris Tucker is doing well.

  31. The whole movie was written because Judd Apatow checked in on Jason Segel after a really rough break up, Jason Segel showed him the puppet Dracula musical he had been working on, and Judd Apatow basically said "holy shit dude you are not okay. Don't show this to anyone or your career will be over. Here, I'll write a movie for you and get you back out there."

  32. Lmao I want this to be true. The movie is incredible.

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