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  1. I wanted to do a still life fire photo of an egg. I used a flash to make a black background, alcohol for the fire, and a vented egg (which still exploded) balanced on the forks and glass. I used a long exposure of 15 seconds, with a flash, small LED light, and sprayed alcohol over the egg while on fire to get this effect.

  2. Tbh, it doesn't matter what you say, what side you are on or if you're neutral, you'll get ripped, torn apart, spat back out regardless of your idea, thought, or action even if it's right, wrong, smart, dumb, horny, neutral, old, or new.

  3. Diversity is when a crap ton of people are smashed together for some reason. I think China and TikTok is evidence to racial diversity not working.

  4. I'm seeing TikTok brought up alot. What's the racial diversity on that platform because I mainly see copycats, a dude putting plungers on his chest to knock things off, a guy shoving coke and mentos up his nose, and tons of rubber chickens in tail pipes.

  5. I would think it depends on the context. Because is diversity always surrounded by race? It's a large component of it, but not a totality of it. Context always changes how something is viewed.

  6. Depends how the world is. If humans can somehow learn to not make things entirely political, not use religion to spread hate, find a way to harmonize diversity equally without leaving a group out while embracing diverse cultures, find a way to equalize the burden of living (universal living), universal Healthcare for all, and build forward without destroying everything in our path by harmonizing with our environment: then those 100 years be far to short. With how thing currently are, it's much too long because especially for this generation and the next, we are in a cesspool of failure on all fronts.

  7. So, does that beg the question: How should badness taste?

  8. I am having a feeling of enlightenment. Thank you.

  9. We had a choice of 2 crappy choices. Any "good" choice who uses logical thinking doesn't make it far because the political system is just that: Over political with no winners. Even good ideas fall because "it cane from another side and they are the enemy". Fear and lies spread fast and nothing good comes from it. Is anyone happy with any choice? No unless it benefits them. But the "people" don't even know what they fully want or fail to meet the goals needed for something better. We want unity, but human fallacy ensures segregation among ourselves.

  10. You can also think about it as you have a pirated version of life and its DRM is coded to rip you balls deep.

  11. Because people are more scared of sex than violence for some dumb reason. Plus some people religion don't believe in youth being exposed to sexual scenes because of "corruption", so they use religion as a scapegoat. Though...hey why are some people letting kids watch Squid Game anyway? Not really meant for their age group.

  12. I would always create a layer mask then use the gradient tool. It never seemed to be an issue. Now it seems that it will only fade to black. Even with the gradient selected to transparent.

  13. As long as your below layer is transparent, it should be transparent. However, to double check that you are viewing transparent as the transparency grid go to preferences>transparency. In that menu you can change how transparency looks, some people have it set to white or black.

  14. I never had issues by using a mask with a black white gradient on the mask itself. That's how its usually done in a nondestructive manner.

  15. Photography is a saturated field by the masses if you think about it. Everyone has a phone, or a good camera, plus YouTube turning beginners into better skilled photographers (nothing beats practice), it makes it hard to get customers paying your price. Especially when averages are $150-250 for portraits and people are like "Can you do it for free?"

  16. $250 is my average, but I done shoots as low as $50 for a portrait, just depends on the complexity. Location, if multiple shots can be done, weather, and so forth all does impact the price greatly. I usually use lightroom, but my computer is kinda low grade so it makes any editing/processing pretty difficult.

  17. Each place holder refers to the time of day and how many doses/tablets/capsules of that medication to take. The first digit is in reference to the morning, the second is at noon, and the last is in the evening. So in this context 2 doses of that medication in the morning, 0 at noon, and 2 doses in the evening.

  18. This shot was taken in Pierre, South Dakota. River runs right through it. I been down miles of it and there's many locations that are pretty to go around taking photos of.

  19. I used a polarizer with a plastic bag to achieve this result using a 3 photo bracket with 1 stop in between each shot and simply merged them into an HDR image. Used the plastic bag as a makeshift gradient and I shifted the polarizer into the blue spectrum to bring out the blues. I wanted to have a blue scene because this is what it closely looked like wearing sport polarized sunglasses and enjoyed the vibrant look to it.

  20. My copyright lawyer has my contracts set up like this: That I retain all permissions and rights to the design and the end user has an unlimited license to use the design for any use including but not limited to product, commercial use, editorial use, and/or promotional. The original artist has rights to use tge design in full use included, but not limited to in portfolio, self promotion, and redesign.

  21. That's a good idea, I forgot about that. I'll give that a try, when it's not -30°F lol

  22. Thanks, it's not my usual workflow or editing style. The largest challenge is getting the lighting because being in a 10 X 8 room limits what you can do with lighting. I had the light source on her right side (from the camera perspective) with 1 in front for the camera to pick her up without going beyond 6000 iso and my shutter was at 1/100 with an aperture of F/8. I tried making most out of a low budget setup.

  23. They are not hurting for money, least that's what my father always said. My mother only worked to get out of the house, the extra income was never a needed thing. I was having weird looks when I mentioned I pay $100/week for babysitting towards my parents. Especially with our financial situation.

  24. Is this just for a evening/day here and there or like full time babysitting?

  25. It depends: If the wife chooses to go back to the nursing home working nights, it's only an hour or so a day for 3 days every week or more if I have to go on set for photography.

  26. I use both lightroom and photoshop, but for all my RAW file processing I find using lightroom faster and more efficient especially on lower end computers. You can get most effects with lightroom and use use photoshop for more "specialized" edits and composites, but lightroom is always the base. I feel that lightroom is perfect for anyone of all skill levels and does teach beginners exposure, framing, and color correction through simple usage and there's tons of easy to learn resources that are not over complicated unlike some in photoshop. Plus a lot of basking features in photoshop murder the speed on low to mid range computers.

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