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  1. Spirit of vindication: what in the pumpkin spice latte Jesus Christ season of life bull shit did she make up now?

  2. It’s her. She’s talking about herself and trying to scare anyone who is pointing out the obvious: that she is a scammer

  3. I have brown eyes. My ex husband has blue eyes. All 3 kids have either blue or green eyes.

  4. I don't think her daydreams of motherhood will be anything like the reality.

  5. Well, I think he is! He has his pre-Algebra teacher calling him Marilyn Manson. I’ll allow it.

  6. It's probably both. The only form of control they have is torturing their body. I hate that stupid church

  7. I was looking for an eloquent way to say this. You did. It’s control I believe

  8. You can’t convince me she is not suffering from an eating disorder

  9. It’s extremely upsetting to have H claiming/hijacking trans issues and using terms like ‘multi’ and ‘fluid’. It’s also upsetting to see Pepinos laughingly use those terms, as well. Source: Proud Mom of a trans son.

  10. Wow, it’s incredible that you lived through this ordeal! I can’t imagine what rebuilding must be like and I hope You have a lot of support

  11. You and your siblings never played in the backyard alone?

  12. What is wrong with her face/skull? Can someone help? She’s aging terribly

  13. Pulling out his excel spreadsheet and sending his best dressed weenie pics

  14. We’ve seen the video. We don’t care what his excuses are. Shame shame

  15. The Bible actually doesn’t say anything about being anti abortion , or being pro life. In fact, or gives instructions on homemade abortion,

  16. This isn’t what you’re asking, but why do you need a nickname? Vagina, vulva and penis, scrotum, testicles worked fine for my kids, 9, 12 and 14.

  17. This is so well said. Americans struggle so much with perfectionism, we can't admit our shortcomings. This is so true on so many levels of society, and other country I've experience it's just not the same.

  18. Is it because we struggle with perfectionism, or is it because an objective look at our place in the world would pretty clearly show us as the bad guys, and people will do anything to avoid thinking about that?

  19. I’m sure many pepinos won’t agree with this but oh well. It’s super possible Hillary has experienced plenty of trauma. She is married to a man who has anger issues. Let’s also not forget that Hillary was in a cult (YTTP) and while yes it sounds like she was part of the inner circle there, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t the subject of abuse while in the cult. Even ignoring those things, she’s a woman so there is a

  20. Wait, a cult? Please explain if you have time. If not, I’ll Google.

  21. As others responded too, it’s Yoga to the People. I actually LOVED YTTP a long time ago. I didn’t go to the NYC studio though. It’s such a shame to learn about it being a cult.

  22. I used to get this when I was younger and I never squirted but it was actually an orgasm coming on. Finally one day I tried to just ignore it and keep going and sure enough I had my first proper orgasm haha

  23. Gianna, Anthony, Charlotte, Olivia, Lincoln, (triplets) Maverick

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