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  1. Wargames Exclusive has some good ad mech stuff, although it does lean into a "pin up" style. Makers Cult also has some great STLs for ad mech if you can get them printed

  2. As an FYI those are just bodies and backpacks. Intended to be used with spare skitarii bits from the kits

  3. Ah, thanks, I see that now that you mention it. Thanks.

  4. Sounds like a fine idea, do some cross-training. I just don’t like doing anything besides cycling!

  5. Sheesh, show a spare or something, otherwise looks like he rolled a perfect game!

  6. Ok! They aren't usually seen here and we could only see from a distance so wanted to check and be sure. Super cool!

  7. Great, thanks. It looked like a spot I go to in Arcadia.

  8. Search “austro-hungarian empire medals 1900s” and you can get some nice images. There’s one on Etsy that is described as an Iron Cross, c. 1916, looks similar to one of these.

  9. I did see that, thank you. My only concern was that none of the stripes on those ribbons matched what was on his chest. He has single wider stripes and the Mobilization cross has two...

  10. Yeah, and also no crown above the cross, as in the one for sale.

  11. Screw the cleavage, those are some great old brands on the table. “Guild” Sauterne. Alcoa foil. An old Kikkoman soy sauce - wonder if it was made in Wisconsin by that time?! And is that a bottle of Planters peanut oil on the right?

  12. This is considered NSFW? She got everything covered right?

  13. It’s much less creepy if you rotate the view 180 degrees. We’re looking at it upside down, so it looks like a frown. (Well, a scowl, but that doesn’t rhyme as well.)

  14. After decades of mountain biking, I would seriously have to train myself not to lift my ass off the seat all the time. It’s just second nature. Interesting idea, though.

  15. Ok, i think I know what it means in English-“Let’s go!” How’s that?

  16. Greinke said he would go to whoever paid the most and the DBacks did.

  17. Yeah. I don’t blame him, but it’s the one black mark against him, for me. He’s one of my favorite players, and I was absolutely stoked when we got him. And then, to go to the Diamondbacks…? Ugh.

  18. Was it a pitbull though? I'll admit I'm not experienced with pitbulls myself, but the few owners I know carry tools around to pry their jaws open because they say they have no other way of doing so once the dog decides to grab hold like that. I mean I suppose I get it, given what they're bred for, a bull would do worse than we could ever do and they'd still hang on.

  19. Yeah, whoever owns one of these needs to carry a bite-stick around. I watched one kill a dachshund literally in its owners arms. Guy with a baseball bat couldn’t get it to let go until it was dead.

  20. I saw one kill a poodle on a leash. Moments before it was lying calmly at the feet of its owner who was sitting on a bench. Then a very elderly lady walked past with her poodle on a leash and without a sound, it just lunged and grabbed it by the neck and shook it like a rag doll. It was horrific to watch, no one could remove it from the dog until it decided it wanted to let go, the lady was hysterical and screaming and the crowd was all yelling as well.

  21. So, do you see this as something that Chaos (well, Nurgle) requisitioned and modified to make its own?

  22. For some reason, I get the feeling that a Polo match in Abilene, Texas would be a much different scene than one in, say, California or England.

  23. What does that have to do with the lighter?

  24. Along with a couple dozen other folks, I just thought that when he peed, there was some sort of chemical reaction that caused a flame. Didn’t know the full story until later.

  25. My good, you’re right. What was he thinking? He should have just peed on it to see what happens, why not start there?!

  26. Dude on the right off camera throws a little piece of cotton on the fire like: "Fuck it. Its all toast."

  27. I think it's one of his kids. At the beginning, you can see a little person on the right, dressed in white. The arm that throws the little piece of cotton is red, so I figure it's another kid, doing what all good males do when they see a fire: Throw something into it.

  28. Is it just me or does anyone else love how this thing has curtains?

  29. They are an oddly Russian affectation. They are often in restaurant windows so you can’t look in.

  30. I am a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs, so I took an immediate liking to Lucius. (Burroughs wrote stories about Pellucidar, a stone-age world inside the hollow Earth; he also created Tarzan.)

  31. Kinda makes you want to get i one of the semis, put the engine in neutral, and rev it. Just to see his reaction.

  32. Trout are the roots of the sport. Something like 700 years ago people saw trout rising to insects and discovered they could imitate those insects by tying feathers to a hook. Literature about fly fishing for trout and Atlantic salmon goes back that far and it’s probably only in the last 150 years or less that attention began to be paid to other species. Lucky for everyone the sport has grown and expanded to the pursuit of anything that swims, but it’s culture and heritage are deeply attached to trout.

  33. Yeah, when I was a kid in the 1970s it was considered revolutionary to fly fish for bass or panfish. I missed my opportunity to get in on the ground floor, I guess, never really took it up.

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