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  1. Well, they would make any money if they had a subscription service for their blinker.

  2. My 7y/o and impossibly angry baby momma have entered the chat.

  3. Two options. Pulled pork, or smoked garlic roast pork...

  4. Gen 2? Really? It feels so quick and didn’t add much.

  5. Manager at a grocery retail. We are not allowed by food safety policies and regulations to have any beverages including water in food prep areas unless we the associate has a doctors note and are able to produce it when asked by food safety auditors or dept of agriculture inspector. Any other area we allow water along as it is paid for and stickered with a paid sticker so it is not confused with unpurchased product.

  6. The best part is... I'm not even making it up. That's copy-pasted verbatim from the ad in OP's screenshot.

  7. First watch I missed they were trees and thought the bushes got out just fine.

  8. What people need is education not insults. Food education is lacking in the US.

  9. I will pass the good vibes to my wife who I am here with and starting the fight today. Thanks!

  10. I agree. I have a pug. I got her when I was younger and ignorant on the breed. She’s in good heath- for a pug- but even in her best health she suffers. My ego isn’t so big that I can’t look that the situation for what it is. I absolutely adore my pug, but I will never support breeding these kinds of dogs again. It should be outlawed.

  11. Same here. We got a pug soon. After we got married. Love the little guy to death and he was great with the kids. But we can't even bring him for a Walk if it's above 70. We are an adoption family from here on out.

  12. When I was around 2 i drew like everyday mazes for no reason with monsters in them that could Zap you. Kinda weird i remember that

  13. I did that too and so does my son. I found one of his and asked him where he found one of my mazes. He looked at me funny and said he drew that. Looked exactly like what I would have done. I don't think I have any of mine. They were just doodles. I do have some of my better drawings store away with other stuff of mine packed from my mom's house but nothing he would have seen.

  14. It amazing what events you can remember from when you were a kid but mind blowing the bigger picture you completely miss.

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