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  1. The guy interviewing Wolf hit the nail on the head. Many have covered VH/EVH, but there is always something missing...the swing / groove that makes others performance sound stiff or labored. However many hours Wolf put in, he make it look and sound like it was second nature. IMO Dave looked pretty damn cool playing the bass slung down low. Could have been Cliff from AC/DC from a distance.

  2. If only he had a lawyer to help him navigate to getting to that insanity plea

  3. His court appointed defense atty tried that. He fired the atty. My buddies son was the first hit by this joker (kid is OK), but I have ZERO sympathy for the perp.

  4. I was going to say the exact same thing. I'm in the midst of upgrading all the relays and meters at a gas plant and the 735 for the Gen and Aux Trans are streaming the synchro phasors. A nice free extra in an already well priced meter.

  5. Interesting corrolary story: I read a while ago that Hawaii was installing a plant that basically just generated heat - just an industrial toaster. It would only be used once in a while when there was too much electricity on the grid. Its entire business model as a unit is to waste energy when prices are 'negative.'

  6. In Illinois back in 70's & 80's the utility that owned 11 large nuke plants used to have a subsidiary that made ice at night, to keep the load up on the nukes. Similar reason, different technologies. The ice was sold to industrial customers.

  7. I have a later Tabaco Sunburst I got in '89. It's my longest held guitar. My stepmom helped me out a bit, so it's sentimental.

  8. Try a gutter or roofing contractor. I installed my own last year and it made a world of difference. The ice dam issue couldn’t be resolved with insulation. My system has a timer and ice detection. Electric costs were negligible and I have my own smart meter on my service to verify.

  9. Did he divorce again cause the only divorce I’ve heard cost him 1.6 million. He’s not as wealthy as the other band members but he isn’t lacking. He also doesn’t seem to spend a lot

  10. RHCP just sold their rights to back catalogue. It was $142M, split 4 ways. He has enough money.

  11. Same book, followed by "What's happening to me?" Mom read it to me and older sis together. My 2nd grade daughter will be taught something quite different in her school this year. When this controversial topic was covered on the local news, they had to blur out the pictures that are part of the curriculum.

  12. I'm not so sure that they have this whole Green Energy thing worked out. And why do certain people get to 'offset' their carbon consumption and that's OK because they are rich and can afford it? Why is it OK for certain people to travel the globe regularly on a private plane while I'm struggling to get to work on $5/gal gas. I have to drive 82 miles a day to work and public is not an option. Living close to work is not an option as the COL is too high.

  13. I think some of them should have punishments that fit their crimes. Like Joseph fritzl, the man who locked his daughter in the basement for 20 years (6 of which she was completely alone until she started having children from being raped by him). He was put in solitary confinement, and I think he should stay there for at least 6 years

  14. I watched my friends son get hit by this maniac last year. What does he deserve?

  15. It ends up becoming personal preference. I have a guitar in standard, a guitar in D standard/drop C, a guitar in Eb, a 7 string in drop G, and an 8 string in drop Eb. Different tunings allow for different things, but as others have said, you can transpose anything to any tuning, and most tab softwares will let you pitch shift the songs by whatever you want, too.

  16. This is a perfectly logical reason to have 7-10+ guitars. It works great when explaining to he wife. :)

  17. I missed them the first time around, but System of a Down is something quite different. Not many flashy solos, but the songs are certainly interesting and change course several times over the song. Start off with Hypnotize.

  18. Easton is one of the most criminally underrated guitarists of all time.

  19. It would have been nice is the general public had been notified about the effects of Ethanol mixed into gasoline, particularly for small engines.

  20. Wow. That's a pretty spicy collection. I think the Mustang and the Epi are the only 'traditional' types. I like

  21. If you want no frills, rugged, light and a good clean sound, the old Crate Power Block fits the bill. I've had one for years. Used as stereo amp, PA system, bass amp and still runs great after about 15 years. Stereo inputs on the back.

  22. Some parent is hereby nominated for the Teach Your Children Well award. Despite me yammering on endlessly about EVH's guitars, my wife couldn't name, much less draw one. :)

  23. You just need to be playing "She's on Fire" on the 8 track and you got it.

  24. My look is good here, but would be perfect with a can of pink spray paint and a scissors.

  25. Same trench different conduit is OK. Wouldn't run it in the same conduit.

  26. Wouldn’t this require the OP have fiber to their house? Is this possible with cable internet? I’ve always assumed “fiber” internet isn’t a DIY thing, even some companies (see CenturyLink) “fiber” isn’t really fiber - just fancy-ass DSL (could be wrong about this though).

  27. Switches are available with something called an SFP port. It's used to connect to a variety of fiber transceivers. Use another one at the remote end and problem is solved.

  28. And they use an instance of a man out on cash bail committing a heinous crime…it makes no sense. Of course, the criminal was black, Barnes is black, and the GOP knows that white Americans’ biases, conscious or unconscious, will connect the dots.

  29. My friends son was one of the victims of Darryl Brooks. The son was white and Brooks black. Under your logic Brooks is racist and should be tried under hate crime laws as well? Not everyone sees racism in every single aspect of life. And not once, BTW, have I heard my friend EVER connect race to the crime his son suffered.

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