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[OC] How Americans view flags in 2022

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[OC] Desktop OS Market Share 2003 - 2022

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[OC] Frequency of compound insults (e.g. "poophead", "scumwad") in Reddit comments, organized by prefix and suffix

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  1. I'm actually encouraged that more than 1/5 of people don't appear to give a about flags.

  2. I used to be really into flags and their meanings until it occurred to me that the more someone cares about flags, the bigger an asshole they are.

  3. I care about flags as a matter of mild interest in heraldry. I was also in the military, so there's an element of identification as well - knowledge of flags is handy in that line of work.

  4. Or because there's no reason to update. 10 is still supported for a while.

  5. Remember when they said W10 would be the last version? I guess that "last" means something different in Washington.

  6. I don't know how much is some sin tax, but there's 13% sales tax like anything else. A quick googling says the excise tax is $1 per gram or 10% of the retail price (whichever is bigger), although it's included in the sticker price so we don't really see it.

  7. TBH, there's just me and my wife in the house, and I have half a dozen neighbours who grow plants, so I literally have paid $0.00 for flower for the last 2 years, except for the $100 oz (I *had* to try a $100 oz), and getting an occasional 1/8 for a treat. It's been funny watching people plant the legal max, then asking them "I've never seen you smoke more than a joint a week... you understand that each of those plants is going to give you roughly a pound of flower? I suggest you google up how to make extracts for edibles." They always look at me with googly eyes like I'm telling them a bullshit story. I used to grow hops for beer, which is a closely related plant. Same deal - a 5 gal batch of beer uses 2 oz hops cones, and that would be heavy hopping. A hops plant cranks about a pound a year of dried flower, sometimes more.

  8. Canada now has a 1.28km long land border with Denmark (Greenland) due to the resent agreement on the division of Hans Island.

  9. Sooo... Bibles and banjos reduce your life expectancy, but surfing and weed increases it?

  10. There's only one reliable way: post good content that people want to see.

  11. All these people saying they're gonna move to another state, too--think you can hold out until at least 2024 to cast your votes? Because if not, you're playing right into their hands.

  12. My favourites are the right-wing nutters who threaten to move to Canada when the US Gov does something slightly liberal. Yeah, some knuckledragger doesn't like that you can't discriminate against homosexuals so you are going to move to Canada?

  13. Interesting. Public confidence dropped off when the Shrub was elected.

  14. Now cross-reference that with "People named Anakin petitioning the court for a name change"

  15. Looks cool, but remember, when you make a chart like this, your licence to make fun of Star Wars and Star Trek nerds is revoked.

  16. I know so many people who emigrated TO Australia, I'm surprised Canada didn't make this list.

  17. Central and Atlantic Canada and the Territories -- what you doin? I knew Atlantic Canada had issues with access (and to be fair that's true in most rural and remote areas in Canada) but I didn't know there were time limits :(

  18. Canada has the same general issue that the USA does: As the amount of Jebus trends up, the amount of freedom trends down.

  19. Interesting map, although where is the info on Canada coming from? My understanding is that abortion is legal at all stages of pregnancy in Canada

  20. There is no federal ban, but since it's considered medical, each province can set its own rules.

  21. Oh seriously? Wankclown needs a red square, and with all the politics posts, that should be easy to earn.

  22. This should be a good one because there's very little non-G-rated content of any sort, so in theory, the filter should almost never trigger.

  23. Please, allow me to put their argument in perspective:

  24. Alternately, they can drop all the mods except OP, then drop themselves, and OP can add back the mods that want to continue modding.

  25. You can kick all the mods below you for any reason whatsoever.

  26. I guess that Toyota's vehicles last a while because they are most popular in places with little population density, so few garages

  27. What's Canada's excuse though - with low population density and few garages one might expect Canada to go for Toyota? Must be "where can I fix..." or "Can I sue for my car breaking down in hell's half-acre" searches.

  28. How is this ruining ground based astronomy? First time I’ve heard of that take, just curious.

  29. Satellites moving around mess with astrophotography. Stare a camera at the sky for even a shortish exposure of a few seconds, and you're almost certain to have the streak of sunlight glinting off a satellite.

  30. Well yeah... there you are, wandering 100 mi NE of Timbuktu... and suddenly, you just have to rub one out...

  31. Pretty much. My macaw was starting to try it as well, and while a grey might give a nasty scar, a macaw is the difference between regular person and Voldemort.

  32. No noses were harmed in the creation of this image. But yeah, it was kind of terrifying.

  33. Definitely. Also very useful with sounds (at least for certain birds - they’re working on expanding it).

  34. It's less useful for sounds for me because I have an African Grey parrot in the house, which means I am constantly surrounded by All The Bird Sounds!!! (insert the X all the Y meme here :) )

  35. I find the Merlin app to be really helpful with regard to identifying birds.

  36. Not really the place to ask, but I suggest you look up

  37. This maps on to the quality and strength people came to expect in coffee. I wouldn’t drink a cup of coffee from 1990 for free. Can’t imagine trying to get a buzz from the truck stop cups you could see through to the bottom in the 80s.

  38. I was in the military in the early 80's and there was plenty of decent coffee to go around. Dog knows you'd be hunting it down if you're a soldier. You'd just learn the places that gave shit coffee, and not patronize them.

  39. My macaw has been known to fall asleep in my arms, facing me with the conundrum...

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