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What did the pandemic ruin more than we realise?

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  1. Would that mean I can get away with eating very little without starving?

  2. It also means that you have no energy to do litteraly anything, including enjoying the 10b. That’s my take on it at least

  3. So nothing new in regards to downsides?

  4. Opposite for me, my upper body, especially the head, is always the warmest part of me.

  5. I’ve not even tried and I’m not going to. They say you should never drive tired and I’m always tired.

  6. That’s literally every ethnic group on the planet.

  7. Spiders, water and failing I don’t have a fear of and dying is something you should fear so I’ll go with heights.

  8. Damn I wish meds affected me like that.

  9. This seems to be a cutesy vs serious media trend in general. Adult fans of kids cartoons will make multi-part YouTube videos about how Steven Universe is pro-genocide while fans of prestige dramas like Breaking Bad just make memes about Walter and Jesse hanging out

  10. I think it’s because people crave novelty.

  11. I mean yeah but if the person has them you can be sure they're not a femboy.

  12. Don’t some guys have manboobs?

  13. A sex offender list or a hitlist?

  14. That’s just accelerating an existing trend.

  15. Canada also does Mr.Big police stings which is illegal in USA. What is a Mr.Big police sting? There is no one person who portrays Mr. Big, rather, police create an imaginary criminal gang to trick homicide suspects into a confession. “Mr. Big” is the top boss who requires the prospective gang member to come clean of his offences so that he can make them '”go away” and it leads to a lot of false arrests of people trying to get into gangs which will say anything to get in

  16. It would be better if they had Mr Big say “tell me where the body is and I’ll hide it better” that way they get evidence.

  17. Wait so the user with a women as their pfp is saying women cheat more while the one with a man as their pfp is saying that’s not true. Do they both have internalised sexism?

  18. I remember there were these security bollards installed by the city center in my city, and a bunch of car accidents occurred, almost entirely the drivers fault (75% were tailgating).

  19. Well we do also need better drugs. But yeah a better day economy is the main thing we need.

  20. I think autism benefits exceeds the negatives but ADHD is almost entirely negatives.

  21. I have issues with heat sensitivity so pyrokinesis is a win-win for me.

  22. Did they just escort people in custody right through crowds or some shit back in the day? Or was this like "hey, someone come kill this guy for us, we'll be here at this time".

  23. I think Ruby was pretending to be a reporter.

  24. After-school clubs etc don't exist in the UK anymore, yet the murder rate there is half of what it is here. The issues yes deeper than 'bored kids kill each other'

  25. There’s plenty of coverage about youth gang stabbings in the UK. It’s a real problem.

  26. Dude, I will give you that some MAGA people can be arrogant.

  27. They didn’t say that they had a monopoly on it.

  28. I could be wrong, but would cooked human look like beef and not poultry?

  29. It’s looks like pork. Tastes like it too.

  30. I wouldn't say it tastes exactly like pork. I detect a touch of lamb in there also. Definitely a unique flavour anyway.

  31. I mean, it depends on which part, how you cook it and how you season it.

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