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  1. Very nicely styled stache, sir! Incidentally....neat to see bobbin lacemaking in your profile. I have a keen lacemaker in my family.

  2. One of my many hobbies. That’s great you have a lacemaker in the family. We’re a diverse group all over the world and I’m part of several online groups. I may know your family member.

  3. The famous Farrah Fawcett poster? In the red swimsuit? Oh NOW I’m the oldest person in the room?! Ok!

  4. Awesome brother! Good main shape and sturdy to hold up the curls. I like sporting as well. Take it wherever you go.

  5. Reminds me of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard Kipling put into a movie by Chuck Jones 1975

  6. So vibrant and fun! Love the colors and the repeated flower stitch design. So glad to see it hand quilted. So many go the fast route and can ruin the aesthetic of the design. I’m a hand quilt guy. Good on ya 👍

  7. Your stache has a great shape and clean. And I might add your eyes and eyebrows. All stunning!

  8. 4. Maybe a bit more beard but still tight to the face. And love the frames on you. Sharp looking man!

  9. Have to agree with you. I put on heavy duty stache wax and the heat softens up in this heat. Disappointing. But then hop into AC and will stiffen up a bit. I carry a stache comb

  10. Lookin good, bro. Wife is a keeper if she says that. Most I’ve heard want to shave it off in your sleep. Lol.

  11. VERY nice! You thinking of growing the tips longer for handlebars? They appear to turn up naturally.

  12. Bald is beautiful and even emphasizes the magnificent beard. Good on ya mate 🤙🏻

  13. Great ‘stache! Never could get mine to go straight out like that.

  14. I find it helps to have a strong base of hair to support the longer hairs that make up the handlebars. That and a good deal of wax.

  15. Looks great. Keep going. Of course it is your hair, your choice. Wishing I had hair like that.......balding big time. Lol

  16. Nice job! What type of wood and how thick is it? I'm asking because I've done a few book arts using birch sticks that are 1/16th inch thick.

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