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Which celebrity looks like they smell bad?

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My Wife Left Me

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  1. This sub has become a leftover Tiktok buffet.

  2. I love that Devolder has joined MAGA because he's been rejected by everyone else as a phony and the fascists will take anyone

  3. I dunno, he wears nice scarves. I trust that.

  4. I just ask to the dlc to come with a death counter statue on the table... Maybe 2 fingers can know how many times we died

  5. The man looks like he hasn’t been on field duty in year

  6. Trigger Warning : Extremely Cool Guy

  7. This the first time I’ve ever seen a cop unlock his car

  8. Are key locks common for modern police vehicles? Maybe makes sense seeing they key-fobs are widely hackable now.

  9. What's the difference in crime rates of the different communities?

  10. That's 10 winners right there. Adopt!

  11. NPC is just another clever way to dehumanize people. That’s all it is for. You can just say these twins are morons and it suffices just fine.

  12. Most of us know how poor our collective diet is, the downvotes are for your lack of food knowledge paired with a lame, lazy joke.

  13. I didn’t wanna cheese him. Many people just use a mimic and the ash of war. That is not the right way to fight him

  14. This is why we shouldn't allow tubby officers on the force.

  15. Incredible backwards-walking skills though.

  16. Bald buddy got the wasp dope in hand.

  17. It's very strange being a (former) grimes fan. The personality/identity shift was insane. Sold herself as a leftist indie producer and now she hangs out with tech bro trad wives that are all weirdly interested in the birth rate decline and demonizing birth control. Fuckin wacky.

  18. d'Eon to Elon is a pretty wild transition.

  19. part of me was thinking he meant 12 years his senior.. but that profile picture is making me change my mind

  20. "Confrontational preacher," is a fairly good indicator.

  21. Did you actually laugh out loud here?

  22. It’s a bit brazen to blanketly label every marriage that has happened throughout human history between people of those ages to be non-relationships. that’s a lot of people to take it upon yourself to speak for.

  23. No one is blanket labeling anything. This situation has specific content and details.

  24. Did you actually read the article? The guy was spitting on him. The paramedic probably has to go for months of HIV preventative medication and testing. I am not advocating for hitting handcuffed people, but I think most people would loose their temper when being intentionally sprayed with high risk body fluid.

  25. You sure typed a lot for not knowing at all what you're talking about.

  26. That's a lot of anger at people who most likely agree with you.

  27. evilgiane and Clams?! I am very ready for this era.

  28. Reddit simps gonna run this thread and only post about the prosecutors statements lol

  29. Truly the heroic legend of this generation.

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