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  1. Why are people drawing Miquella as a female? He’s the brother of Malenia

  2. That's what he looks like in game if you see the statue of him and malenia. He was cursed to be young forever, he has long hair and feminine features. Fromosftware did something similar with gywndolin from dark souls 1

  3. Miquella caring about Morgott is how you know this guy doesn't know lore.

  4. Oh no, the dumb meme I made in 5 minutes isn't 100% lore accurate? Whatever should I do?

  5. I remember when everyone thought it wouldn't get canceled just because Dark was allowed to be fully completed.

  6. Stuck for me right now on windows 10. No clue what's happening with it

  7. There's only one way for him. Down. Downfall of Joe is likely and makes season 5 possibly the last one

  8. She's incredibly manipulative. I think she recognized that Joe was killing the people she found deplorable or caused her frustration, just like her dad had done her whole life. She knew she just needed to say something in either of their presence for the nuisance to be taken care of.

  9. Look at his profile, he's just reposting memes from months ago lmao

  10. About an hour, which is about how long it took to get rid of the souls formula of dodging and get into the groove of Sekiro and deflecting once again.

  11. The ding ding post gets reposted every other week. At least make a new form of the meme lmao

  12. And it would still sell millions(pls don't actually wait that long tho miyazaki)

  13. Been here since before launch, never seen any of these comments. These posts are biggest strawman I've ever seen

  14. I've been a summon abuser for 80% of my playthrough, till the day I met the bell bearing hunter in caelid, I had to learn his moveset since there's no summon allowed, it feels so rewarding when I finally beat him, now I'm trying to finish the game on my own :D

  15. Im just about at that point myself it's not fun anymore. I don't know how people get satisfaction from these games. How is doing the same boss fight 20+ times enjoyable?

  16. Just seems like soulslikes aren't for you mate. Refund and move on

  17. No fist weapons, biggest mistake after how loved it was in nioh 2

  18. Wait...what hell did team ninja make? I know made some sort souls type game before?

  19. This is a deflecting game like Sekiro, dodging isn't going to work which why everyone is having trouble with first boss.

  20. Deflect. Ur trying to dodge instead of deflect, this is why you are not succeeding, I feel it in my bones. Treat this like sekiro, dodging isn't gonna help you beat the game, deflecting will.

  21. Dudes not a true souls gamer if he gives up on the first boss. The second phase is difficult but its not Nameless or malenia level hard.

  22. i tried beating that boss for 1 hour, i quit the game.

  23. October 8th is beyond me that it would be considered releasing in the FALL that would drive people not to play this game

  24. Given the rumors that fromosft wants to release armored core first before the Elden Ring expansion, we'll probably have to wait 6+ months. You may not want to accept that, but it is highly likely

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