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  1. You're not playing the KID you're playing the Philidor Defense as black. KID starts with Nf6.

  2. This is not a King's Indian Defense. The only move to stop White's trheat on f7 is now ...d5. You may want to play ...Be7 before ...Nf6 to avoid Ng5 from White.

  3. Raising respectful young men is the first step. It's shocking to me how many entitled little incels are out there in the world today. Unfortunately a lot of it is rooted in patriarchal cultural bullshit that could take centuries to unravel.

  4. Young men aren't precisely known for listenning to the guidances of their parents and teachers...

  5. Maybe call him out on it so everyone knows bring a creep isn’t tolerated.

  6. It's a bit hard to call out someone who hasn't showed up in years...

  7. How would i asses when going for a pawn break is too committal? D5 is how i open my position in a lot of Sicilian lines

  8. d5 kinda sucks as a plan here. After 0-0 d5 exd5 exd5 White can play Re1+ and your king is a bit uncomfortable

  9. Boohoo. You can't say the holocaust never happened or use the N word anymore. Nobody is sorry for you.

  10. 13 out of every 52 trans people are pedophiles who didn't make any mass murdering but their victims deserved it and I'm gonna kill any retards that say otherwise.

  11. I made good use of the last sections of "Endgame Preparation" by Jon Speelman.

  12. I actually like the rolling starts. It’s really gratifying for me to climb up through the grid from last to first. You also feel like you get in the action a lot quicker right at the start of a race. I see so many complaints about this, and I usually never comment about it because they tend to get downvotes to hell by this “community”. Despite having crap AI, this is a trait I really like about GT.

  13. The problem is not the rolling start chases, it's the fact that every single race on the campagin is a rolling start chase.

  14. In GT7 the AI is scripted with a pre-determined racing line, hence why they run into you as if you're not there. Even when they "spin out", its probably scripted to add a sense of immersion. Its really disappointing how far off behind they are in terms of AI. The only solution would be a successful implementation of their Sophy AI

  15. Who cares about marriage anyway? 60% of them end up in divorce

  16. And we thought the bongcloud was unbeatable, but it seems like the bongcloud gambit is much better...

  17. Accelerated Bongcloud. Definitely a great surprising weapon.

  18. And remember: analyzing a game is not the same thing as having an engine analyze it for you!

  19. Considering I’m a ~1450 blitz player with 2800 puzzle rating, that’s an underestimate probably lmao

  20. "Anything but laissez faire anarcho capitalism is literally a planned economy!!!!!"

  21. Wouldn't that imply that planned economies work while true free markets are impossible to achieve though 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  22. If everything had to be classified into black or white boxes then sure fortunately the devs programmed the world with more than just booleans.

  23. I'm not the O.P. And I'm aware of the current government of Catalonia, and the complexities involved in the independence effort. None of this diminishes the successes of the socialist coops, imo. You brought up revolutionary Catalonia handing Franco power in 1939, as somehow a valid criticism against Catalonian socialism. It is not.

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