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  1. Those are the people that I can't stand. They ask 97 questions about how you take lugnuts off. They watch through the glass. They walk around the building and stand at the garage doors.

  2. I moved from the shop to writer, but it's a simple as "Let me show you something about your shit". If I can do a 12:00 / 6:00 shake and show it needs BJ's (don't we all?), we're either doing the proper repair or backing it out.

  3. Mash the down arrow on me, but why the fuck is this here? It's a damn for sale post, nothing to do with the sub's intent except it's something found in a shop. Be better.

  4. Hood looks like a yellow popcorn ceiling. Wonderful prep work.

  5. Dang! Ace gets flat out ambushed on restarts. If he didn’t drop back there he’d have a heck of a lot better finishes.

  6. How have you not tired of using Karen as an insult yet? I know as a woman actually NAMED Karen, I am over it.

  7. That’s funny. I’m a boomer and recognized the phrase right away. But I thought non-boomers referred to non-gun owners.

  8. That's a boomer thought in itself. Greetings to you. 1963 model here.

  9. I’m a 1956, be 66 this Saturday. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

  10. I went to Pocono & Indy this season and the difference between the pit/garage access at the two tracks is remarkable and even with this renovation project that still seems to be the case.

  11. Wolfe has a reputation for rolling the dice, making the odd call, staying out, etc. It worked a bit with Brad and Joey, but high risk/ high reward also can result in low/ no reward. Remember, he also calls a more conventional race when the car is right, and the blue oval hasn't been tip top this season.

  12. Three of them look like they may have been lapped too much.

  13. It's probably just me... I have no idea what we're supposed to be looking at here

  14. You guys must have given him a much better price than his father did.

  15. He shouldn’t or wouldn’t have been a trade option if he was a capo, and certainly not an underboss. He was just a soldier with great hair.

  16. I'm not gonna argue, I'm not well. But if T said "one of my best men" I would think he's talking about one of his capo's or Sil.

  17. Maybe one of Tony’s “best men” is like Artie’s “specials” at Vesuvio’s. And maybe I’m fulla shit. I’m a mechanic, not Quasimodo.

  18. You wood remind us of that. We all pine for lower prices, but you cedar going up everywhere.

  19. We’ll always have that gunpowder activated .27 caliber full auto nail shooting mother fucker

  20. Not really new. That move is on page five of the BMW drivers manual, under “You’re special. Drive like it!”

  21. I mean, it makes sense if you’re driving around naked. As long as you wipe good.

  22. Thank you for the update. As a regular here you can imagine the rumors you prevented. No amputation is good news.

  23. Because of the latch to hold it open, might this be to hold something in a stretched position? Do the keys have threaded ends to screw through the blocks?

  24. how much more than double? I would also need to think about auction fees (15%-20%) and tax plus delivery

  25. I thought this was something you saw locally in someone’s driveway. Sure seems too cheap to be for real. Like missing a zero.

  26. Oh no this is a very reputable auction company I've used dozens of times. I would guarantee it's legitimate

  27. Well, since you’re on a mechanics sub I figured you were in the business, which would make this a fantastic buy. If you’re actually considering a flip just be sure you know how to sell it. You can also check with a Snap-On truck to see what they give for it.

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