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  1. Brands can die in an instant. Remember American Apparel?

  2. You don't even have to go that back. Artesian Builds died in one stream.

  3. 317... 317 Captain Randy Wrangler... This is the final call for 317, Captain Randy Wrangler. End of watch, August 9th, 2022. RIP.

  4. I wonder how KTLA's extreme irresponsibility and lack of journalistic standards might affect the possible juror pool for the trial.

  5. Watch the videos of the traumatized witnesses. Disturbing. The women in the white SUV I believe (older black lady) who thought that her car was on of them on fire, and had to jump out. Older gentleman (black man greyish hair) he witnessed the crash and said he saw the people in the firey car try to escape briefly and then that was it, they were gone. It was so quick and he said no one would have been able to save them. He started crying when he talked about seeing the pregnant women laid out on the road. The younger women (black hair) she was VISIBLY SHAKING while she talked and said a baby flew through the air and landed in front of her at the gas pump. She naturally picked it up. The worker had to take the baby out of her hands because it was dead. Those people made me lose it! They are traumatized by that accident. I guess the first responders couldn’t go to work the next day and had to go to grief counseling.

  6. Actual estimates are putting it at 100-110 mph.

  7. "The drivers did not want to provide the service" is an awful marketing pitch.

  8. Whatever idiot exec thought that showing games on Twitter was a good idea should be launched into the sun

  9. Yeah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they're pivoting to drive-thru stores and small footprint mobile order pick up locations.

  10. I would've loved an LAFC match with commentary from Cord & Tish instead.

  11. They just laid the grass pitch yesterday. It's going to be a mess tomorrow. Hopefully there's no injuries.

  12. Yeah, I took my parents to see Los Bukis last year and the sound was an echoey mess. The sound just bounces off of everything, especially the Oculus screen. It's a really bad concert venue.

  13. Listen I’m not fan of ATL but y’all need to get coke and Chic Fil A involved. We need Papa Disney to come to our rescue. Gotta sweeten these deals on the side

  14. Look at average viewers and subs. Poke has that many followers because of how often he has collabed with bigger (sometimes the biggest) streamers.... the irony of his accusation is WILD.

  15. Also a lot of those followers are from his OTV days.

  16. The same guy says that Daft Punk will be there tonight too lol

  17. Says who? Lmfao the Forum is an outdated dump that needs renovation. He owns it. Obviously he won't do that because he's a businessman. He will use it for concerts and other venues. But if he wanted to he could lol

  18. Should have moved to Seattle to revive the Supersonics but nope Balmer is too shortsighted for that

  19. The guy paid $2 billion for a team in the second largest market in America. He would immediately lose a significant chunk of that if he moved to a smaller market.

  20. The people directly to the right (our right) of Crepeau are doing the stupid hand thing that goes with the chant.

  21. Jokes on you, Klein being extended has nothing to do with playoffs or standings. It has everything to do with profit / loss, and Galaxy is still "in the black". Oh, he's also a fundamentalist Christian and AEG likes that, so he's extended no matter what. We are stuck with him til he retires on his own, or dies.

  22. It's still mindboggling to me that you guys got rid of Tim Leiweke.

  23. I don't even live in California, but I'm here to say this is all Newsom and Gascon's fault.

  24. Well Pepsi already sponsors the plaza by the HQ, and their Rockstar brand sponsors the warmup jerseys. What if they reach into their Frito Lay division... Flaming Hot Cheetos Stadium!

  25. Yeah, he's not that great, but he's our guy so I unironically like him.

  26. I really feel for the handful of LA newborns this year whose parents decide to name them Gareth.

  27. Theres already a bunch of them because of the Real Madrid thing. My Salvadoran coworker named his kid "Gareth Cristiano" a few years ago.

  28. Do the signs outside of the stadium say RIA? Maybe RIA is on site and they’re trying to get them to be a sponsor? Like when colleges have a recruit visiting and they put their name up in lights?

  29. It was also Friday evening. Ria might've rented out the place for a corporate party and the team put this up there as an extra touch. Otherwise the screens wouldn't even be on during a non-event day.

  30. Sheesh we couldn't pull a recognized brand name? Or they just offered more money? Never even heard of this company before and they better not be the exploitative type like Western Union or Curacao. No one refers to the Forum as the Kia Forum, and no one is calling Staples Center The Crypt. It will and shall remain The Banc.

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