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  1. I would love more information on this, is there a hood?

  2. …have a look at all 9 pics & you’ll answer your own question

  3. not sure if it’s classed as a ‘doof’ but this coming wkend is “chilled out & fired up” in Caltowie in the mid north

  4. …seems like a good deal for a shell …we got a pretty good deal on our’s too (with plumbing included)

  5. …why do you want to keep an eye on customers?…do they seriously do damage to your setup ?

  6. …our phone number on our van don’t seem too important, since we had it put on a few months ago …we never get any calls/sms text for jobs …all via email & WhatsApp via FB

  7. our style of trailer would look pretty damn good for that :-)

  8. AC is no good unless you have all windows/doors closed = no good on a foodtruck

  9. We recently imported our foodtruck trailer from China to Australia …best decision we made …there was a couple in our home town who already had a solid China import build, for a few years without any issues …that’s what sold it for us…container shipping cost has recently come down a lot too

  10. …some of the most successful foodtrucks/restaurants have the most simplest of menus …there is a Michelin star one that springs to mind in Asia that serves chicken …cannot recall the name

  11. …we change our menu occasionally but not a lot, so laminate printing at our local printing shop, works best for us…

  12. I know of a blue gum plantation near mount pleasant, where they let folks in for free to help themselves to the wood…

  13. …well I’m glad she got to pat a cow, for her b’day & not a ‘cow pat’ (how I initially read it lol)

  14. …if I had a dollar for that amount of times folks don’t go on a green light because they are looking down at their phone, I’d be a rich man

  15. I sometimes buy a copy in winter, as a fire starter in my backyard…a few double sheets per fire & it lasts the whole winter …$2.80 well spent :-)

  16. …kids’ education starts at home :))…work hard at getting that properly covered & what school they go to is less relevant

  17. There's the summer garden festival in civic park next to TTP today and tomorrow

  18. ….yea I can’t wait for it …should be a big turn out

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