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  1. Bruh the nearest sea to the place I found it is 30KM away

  2. The summit of Mount Everest is marine limestone, formed at the bottom of the ocean. The continents change over time.

  3. It's a Gryphaea, known colloquially as a "devil's toenail," a fossilized oyster.

  4. Since you are so positive that this is a bird fossil, we will all wait here patiently while you go to the library and find the book on West Virginia fossils proving that there are avian remains in your state. Or, show us the geologic map proving that there are strata from a time in which birds were alive.

  5. I have friends who visit Arizona regularly and have a subscription to Arizona Stronghold.

  6. Not a fossil. Recent chip from a shell.

  7. At best, that is a concretion attached to some mineral matrix. At worst, that's a lumpy rock. In any event, it is not - sorry - a fossil.

  8. If so, it might be an artifact. Artifacts are not fossils.

  9. I think that as well but at another shadowy angle you will see the outline of a horse like skeleton inside that reddish agate

  10. [M70] I was paid in cash, dollar bills and coins stuffed in an envelope, for the first two or three years I was employed. I would take about half of each week's pay to a savings & loan for deposit.

  11. The sub is kinda low-traffic. You might have better luck in

  12. Not a single mention of any incident remotely like this in any newspaper, despite multiple mentions of the twins, singly or together. Hmmmmm . . .

  13. You can find identification information for Ordovician fossils (like this) in the general Cincinnati are at the Dry Dredgers' website:

  14. If you live in the United States, every state has a geological survey. Almost all have pretty good websites, most produce guides for amateur collectors.

  15. The intersection was next to the old Lunkenheimer factory. Back then, there was a bridge over the Millcreek for Queen City Avenue.

  16. It's a polished cephalopod. They're molluscs, sort of squidlike with long, conical shells.

  17. Here's the rule: Cut your age in half and add 7. That's the age of the youngest person you should date.

  18. Im curious is there a reason why the rule is like this?

  19. It's what my kids told me. They're 35 to 40 and they claim anyone dating younger than half their age plus 7 is creepy.

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