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  1. I'll always wonder how Cleopatra looked like... This seems accurate enough though

  2. She had a hook nose which it didn’t really get but yeah the outfit seems accurate

  3. Pirate ship with sakuras trees with leaving blowing along the wind as masts

  4. Except the federal reserve isn’t trying to stop it.

  5. I’m not sure this has actually happened to you in Australia.

  6. It literally happened to me in an suburb in Tasmania when I was younger and once in Sydney. (The cops thing)

  7. Thanks to this sub, I've now heard from Dogecoin's founder more than I've heard from my mom.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if I learned what this guy eats for breakfast with the amount of times he’s been interviewed. He made a meme coin people, he’s not some crypto prophet.

  9. Also plenty of Germans who will aren’t friendly or don’t associate with immigrants. Not a surprise that they’d have underground organisations.

  10. I was trying to get verified and they asked for employment history and rental history during kyc so I bailed. Sticking to binance for now still

  11. that third one is fucking hilarious, he's sidesaddling the dinosaur and the AI gave him a cross in one hand and a katana in the other

  12. Why would he be carrying the thing they tortured and killed him on lol

  13. I don't think the US ever asked for you or your country's opinions

  14. Hey buddy, guess what? We’re on a forum on the world wide web where comments are made on every country, including the US.

  15. You probably live in a shithole country anyway. What moral high ground are you standing on to give advice? Maybe deal with your own problems, and we'll deal with ours. How about that?

  16. To be fair to the business owners, tourists are there to spend money, refugees need money. It makes sense to be happier about one than the other.

  17. The Greeks get paid by the EU for this and aren’t in any rush to make those payments stop. There’s also tons of NGO’s that operate their with foreigners that the Greeks do business with. All while at the same time hating them.

  18. I think you’re a little defensive. Ive made this assertion after travelling quite a lot of Europe.

  19. As a former fire fighter and great-grandson of a member from the Garment Workers Union, I would say that’s a bad idea.

  20. It’s obviously a stupid idea but republicans online are claiming that fire doors only open to let people out. Not let them in.

  21. Can someone quickly explain how this works? The molten salt then boils water and the steam spins turbines?

  22. It is melting the salt and vaporises the flying bird. You go, pick up the dead bird and spread the salt over it. Bon apetit.

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