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  1. Thanks for your concern. She hasn't contacted me in a few days. I do have picture evidence which one of my friends took upon herself to do.

  2. Get cameras, starting at your front door and tell the neighbor who told you not to push a woman, who's biting you, away from yourself that his white knighting isn't attractive to us sane girls. It isn't for the crazy ones either outside of using it to their advantage. She was an adult commiting violence against you.

  3. I am in the UK. I have let my family know to be careful about posting information about me on social media.

  4. I have added an update to my profile as it exceeds the character limit here. Thank you to all who shared your stories about similar behaviour from your ex partners. It helped put things in perspective.

  5. Are you alive OP? Did she leave the house intact or leave bite size holes everywhere?

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